Be Kind.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sitting on my bed, in fresh PJs, a second thunderstorm brewing outside, a cup of tea beside me, and the murmuring of an energy-less Kim Kardashian Hollywood game in the background, I thought, what a perfect time to type down my thoughts and have a chat to whoever pops along to view my blog. 

For the past couple of days I've been thinking about kindness and what it is to be kind. It all began from watching this video:

Being kind is a personality trait that I hope somebody somewhere is able to call me, as it is one trait that I personally feel reigns all others. Being kind to others and to yourself is an achievement that you can proudly say you did all by yourself, and the prize of self-worth is priceless.
Don't ever do it for the recognition, the potential money, the possible benefits. Do it because you want to, because you want to make somebody smile and you want to make a difference, or even somebody's whole day. 
Be kind always, and the world will be kind back.

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The 10 Break-Up Stages

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The question buzzing around my head tonight is “is it healthy how long it is taking me to get over my last relationship?”. It has been almost 11 months and it still kicks me in the ass every time that I think about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my life,  I am happy, I have the best of friends and I wouldn’t change what I have for the world. But what I don’t have? I’m not sure where I stand with that.

What I do know are the disastrous stages that I have been through:

1. The bed-bound stage:
I stayed in my bed for five. whole. days. I hardly ate, I hardly slept, and when I did sleep I woke up crying. It was a soggy and very, very smelly few days. And yet I wondered why I was single. HA. 

2. The selfish & stroppy stage:
You're in a relationship? Oh,how frigging great for you. It will destroy you, You will be DESTROYED. RELATIONSHIPS ARE SENT FROM HELL. WHY ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING AT ME, DON'T LOOK AT ME, I AM SINGLE,  I HAVE BEEN DESTROYED. I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID RELATIONSHIP. I HATE YOU. You're still in love? After WHAT I HAVE JUST BEEN THROUGH? Well f**k you,I'm going to eat carbs.

3. The clingy friend stage:
Don't leave me. I love you. You are all my best friends. You're going to bed? Can I come? I like your company, can we spoon? How about a movie? Can we go out? The cinema? A meal? Anything?! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE.

4. The angry stage:

5. The whining stage:
Okay, I lied. I love you. Are we still broken up?

6. The eat everything in sight stage:
Who even cares if I get fat anymore? Well, I don't care. I have nobody to impress so what's the point? Pass me the food. No, not just a slice, I want it all. And the rest. What's for dessert?

7. The 'get hot' stage:

I'll get hot, that's what I'll do. I'll start exercising, and eating healthy, and taking care of my skin,and one day, I shall be super hot, and there'll be a 1 in 10000 chance of seeing you,but if I do, I'LL BE HOT!!!!!

8. The 'If somebody likes me I'll get my confidence back' stage:
Flirt, flirt, flirt, flirt, flirt.

9. The acceptance stage:
It's over. I'm single. I'm alive.

Spiralling through the emotions is slowly but steadily getting me there, but I wish there was an emotional fast forward button, and I wish more than anything I could find a spark within me again to find and to enjoy the company of somebody new.

Right now though? I’m still a little lost. But the worst has passed and it can only get better from here. Let's just say that this is the 10. 'I'm okay' stage.

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“Some people say they will, some people will. That's just how it goes.”

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Photo by mariell oyre

I have started this blog twice now with two different styles and two completely different posts. Truth is, blogging is actually quite scary to me.

It’s not really the matter of typing it all up nor looking back at it in my blog, or even the matter of other people reading it as such, it’s something within me that makes my head and my heart compete, and has a fear of being judged.

I love writing about my days, though. I love reading diary entries back, looking back on images of fun times and chatting about them with my friends – the thought of having somewhere online where I can share everything much easier with my friends, and whoever decides that they’d like to read it too, makes so much sense to me.

So, my head can “do one” for the time being, because this is something that I want to do, and that maybe I will be grateful for at some point in the future. It probably won’t be regular, and it probably won’t have any specific theme, but I’m going to do it for myself.

So, hello world, I’m Laura. This is my new blog and my fresh, new start.

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