Be Kind.

Sitting on my bed, in fresh PJs, a second thunderstorm brewing outside, a cup of tea beside me, and the murmuring of an energy-less Kim Kardashian Hollywood game in the background, I thought, what a perfect time to type down my thoughts and have a chat to whoever pops along to view my blog. 

For the past couple of days I've been thinking about kindness and what it is to be kind. It all began from watching this video:

Being kind is a personality trait that I hope somebody somewhere is able to call me, as it is one trait that I personally feel reigns all others. Being kind to others and to yourself is an achievement that you can proudly say you did all by yourself, and the prize of self-worth is priceless.
Don't ever do it for the recognition, the potential money, the possible benefits. Do it because you want to, because you want to make somebody smile and you want to make a difference, or even somebody's whole day. 
Be kind always, and the world will be kind back.

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