“Some people say they will, some people will. That's just how it goes.”

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I have started this blog twice now with two different styles and two completely different posts. Truth is, blogging is actually quite scary to me.

It’s not really the matter of typing it all up nor looking back at it in my blog, or even the matter of other people reading it as such, it’s something within me that makes my head and my heart compete, and has a fear of being judged.

I love writing about my days, though. I love reading diary entries back, looking back on images of fun times and chatting about them with my friends – the thought of having somewhere online where I can share everything much easier with my friends, and whoever decides that they’d like to read it too, makes so much sense to me.

So, my head can “do one” for the time being, because this is something that I want to do, and that maybe I will be grateful for at some point in the future. It probably won’t be regular, and it probably won’t have any specific theme, but I’m going to do it for myself.

So, hello world, I’m Laura. This is my new blog and my fresh, new start.

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