Looe, Cornwall, UK

Looe is one of my favourite places in the UK. Situated in south-east Cornwall, it was once not a town as a whole, but was separated into two towns by a single bridge over the River Looe. However, now, the towns have come together and are now just easily named ‘West Looe’ and ’East Looe’. Much better!

West Looe is the much quieter half of Looe, being home to few shops and restaurants away from the busier half, East Looe, where I stayed - a mile away from the main shopping area, and a beautiful walk away.
East Looe is home to a fishing harbour, many unique shops and the beach. And a whole lot of the cutest cats and dogs, which of course I had to get my fair share of photos of! Being in a seaside town makes my want for a puppy a whole lot stronger and I end up spending the majority of my time making a fuss over puppies than taking in my surroundings. They are just TOO CUTE!
Aswell as the friendly fluffy friends, the people are also all so sweet and friendly. I perched my bum in a charity shop looking through all of the books and I came across Legally Blonde! I never knew that it was a book and so I called over to my Mum about it, and within a few minutes, the loveliest old woman came over to me and started telling me about how Legally Blonde is her very favourite film! The coolest Grandma ever? I think so! So, we spent the next few minutes discussing the first and second film, and I enlightened her that there was a third, which she was over the moon with! (If you ever come across this page, I had a lovely conversation with you, and I hope you enjoyed the third film!!)

I didn't go onto the beach on this day as I my outfit wasn't 'sand appropriate' - I can't be the only one that looks down at their footwear and says a big 'NUH-UH' when you contemplate how long it will take to get the contents of the beach out of them? So, I managed to take these photos from the top of the beach whilst my little sister ran back and forth bringing me rocks, sorry, I mean shells. Bless.

Now, if you ever find yourself in Looe, I have the BIGGEST recommendation for you..

Martin's Dairy do the best pastries, bread rolls and scones ever. They are all freshly baked in store and if you peek around the wall at the back, you are able to see the baking happening first hand. And the ice cream in the top left hand corner of that last photo? Candyfloss! Blew my little mind.
The scones are huge, so if you have a small appetite, I would certainly recommend that you get a cream tea to share - I couldn't even manage one of the scones, but they are definitely a must-have!
Yum, yum, yum, yum. I think I came home a stone heavier purely because of these bad boys.

For sweet treats head to Cornish Delights. They have a huge selection of fudge, ice cream, and sweet little souvenirs to take back home to your friends, family, or whoever looked after your home whilst you were away. 

And for fish and chips, head to Kelly's fish and chip bar - the chips and curry are some of the best I've had! You can't miss it if you are walking into Looe.

There's so many other little places to see and visit that I could talk about, but I shall leave you with those three recommendations for the happiest little (well, that is until you visit them) tummies.

Have you ever been to Looe? Or visited any other areas of Cornwall?
Have you got any competitors for cream teas? Let me know!

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