Oxford, UK

Oxford is a special place to my stepdad as he was born and bred there, and despite moving away while he was young (which he always questions why, and I always reply with the same old 'you wouldn't have met me and Mum!') he still classes it as his home.

The last time that I went to Oxford, I was only a small child. I can't remember it at all!
I love to see new places and to explore, so W suggested that while he goes to a football game, my Mum, my sister and I should go shopping (my Mum prefers the sight of a River Island sale than a beautiful old building) and we'd stay in a hotel over night and go and see the sights the next day.
So, that we did!

Personally, I wasn't much of a fan of the high street. After living in Manchester for three years, it takes a lot to match up to my beloved Market Street. However, the 'Bunny Bubbles' street entertainment made me smile and I loved The Covered Market and its unique shops and cute caf├ęs. I only took my phone out on this day, so I'll share with you a few of my iPhone snaps:

1. Bunny Bubbles! Super cute. 2. Disney ornaments in a collector's shop 3. Bikes with baskets are my favourite 4. I couldn't have been the only Blobby mad little girl?! These biscuits made me so happy!

5. How beautiful is the architecture? 6. There's something weirdly satisfying about being able to see your tea through glass. Absolutely love glass mugs. 7. Cardews of Oxford Tea & Coffee Merchants - a delight for my little tea-loving self. 8. More Disney collectables.

9. The Cake Shop in the covered market was full of absolutely amazing creations. It's also a huge bonus that you are able to see the creators decorating cakes for all to see. Amazing! 10. I didn't manage to jot down the name of the little shop that contained these adorable little hand made ornaments, all I can tell you is that it is also in The Covered Market. How cute are they though! I wanted a little pink and blue sausage dog so much!

The next day, we went sight-seeing, and came across these treasures:
The Radcliffe Camera
University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

The Bridge of Sighs

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Divinity School ft. my little sister- taken from my instagram

And then the dramatic change of weather appeared over Sheldonian Theatre...

Dun dun dunnn....

There were many places I'd have liked to have seen, for myself and to share with you guys, but the clouds were angry, and so in that moment, we decided to call it a day and head to our hotel to make a nice cup of tea.

Have you ever been to Oxford? What did I miss?

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