Polperro, Cornwall, UK

Polperro is a beautiful fishing village just a few miles south down the coast from Looe. It has a rich history dating back to the 18th century, where inhabitants of the village were encouraged to smuggle goods, such as tea, from the channel islands. 
Let's be honest, if a war broke out now, I'm sure a lot of us would be in support of a bit of tea smuggling!

The most precious part of this quaint village, apart from the beautiful jumble of colour-washed cottages, is its lack of traffic. When we pulled into the outskirts of the village, we had to leave our car in the car park and walk down the streets towards the shops and the harbour. Walking down towards the hustle of the unique and beautiful shops, you can sense the history and the footsteps that were once on the path that you are walking on in that very moment, with the long gone sounds of once pulled carts of tobacco, gin, and other substances.

After passing by many adults and children crabbing along the bay, and tackling the many feisty seagulls that assume that humans buy those shellfish and cones of chips to share with them, we eventually ended up on a small beach, home to several caves. Perfect for exploring!

Refer to my previous statement about seagulls...

To my delight, there was also a rocky shore. After spending a week on a Marine Biology trip with university, I am a whizz when it comes to rock pool wildlife, and I loved putting my Mum out of her comfort zone and making her touch sea anemones and hold periwinkles and topshells. (Also, W slipped on the algae and became shin deep in a rock pool...twice. Giggles all-round)
Now, for my very few recommendations!

Bean & Scone - We dashed into this café due to a surprise downfall of rain, taking the weather as a sign of a tea break...naturally.

I ordered a cup of tea and a ham salad sandwich, nothing fancy I'm afraid, but amazing! There were two members of staff when I visited, a waitress, and the star of the café, a lady who baked everything on the menu fresh. The bread was sensational, and the selection of home-baked-that-day cakes and biscuits was mouth-watering. W ordered a cream tea, and he was lucky enough to be given fresh-from-the-oven scones. Yummm! Such a small and lovely café - no matter what you order, you will leave feeling satisfied.

Chips Ahoy! - Some of the best chips known to man. And seagull.

Wright's Ice Cream - "The only real Cornish Icecream made in Polperro". That's probably because no other ice cream compares! Yummmm. There are various different flavours that you can have incorporated into your traditional Cornish 99, I, of course, chose chocolate, and I was not disappointed.
Officially one of the best ice creams that I have ever had, The chocolate swirled the entire way through the ice cream, and the ice cream itself was beautiful. Ooooh, if only it wasn't so far away, I'd go and get one now!

Have you ever been to Polperro? What was your favourite part?

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