Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary

Wherever I go, I have to visit a zoo, wildlife park, a sanctuary or a rescue centre. Animals are my one true love (apart from Katy Perry). 
Studying Zoology at university has widened my eyes to the world of conservation and to the world of animals themselves. So, I make a point to visit these places whilst I am in the area, no matter how big or small, because I know that even my entrance fee counts towards helping the animals.

Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary was the closest animal park near to us, and so after a long struggle with an out of date sat-nav and a very over-car-protective stepfather, we arrived.

As soon as we entered the park to pay our entrance fees, we were greeted by the most lovely man, who instantly made us all smile and laugh by making a joke about not leaving the kids in the park - I am unsure as to whether he is the owner or just a worker, but if you are reading this, thank you for being you!

Before we even reached the animals, we saw three peacocks. It appeared to me that they kept popping up just to let us know whose home that we were intruding - it made me smile to say the least, they were cheeky little things.

For what used to be a tiny farm that was only home to a few animals, Porfell Wildlife Park has expanded and developed into a beautiful sanctuary that homes many exotic animals that were previously hurt, abandoned, illegally imported or no longer wanted. From what seems a tiny park from the outside opens up into a world of looked after and clearly adored animals within.

One of my favourite parts of the park was feeding the deer. They were the sweetest and cheekiest things.

I wanted to take the little baby one home with me (and of course call him Bambi - boy or not), he was gorgeous! I had to distract all of the big deer so my sister could cheekily feed the baby without them barging him out of the way. Teamwork!

The biggest kudos I have to provide to Porfell is how lovely the staff are. Every member that I passed and/or engaged in conversation with offered me a big smile and was so friendly! And the cats were so sweet that even when they were asleep and I went over to stroke them, they didn't even stir! I felt like they just thought 'yeahhh, you're the 1895647th person to think that I'm cute.. keep stroking'

There is so much more to see and do at Porfell, but I shan't bore you with all the details, but if you are in the area, I definitely recommend going! You will be greeted by smiles and peacocks, and all other forms of loveliness.

If you aren't planning of being in the area, yet are an animal lover like myself, you may consider adopting an animal at Porfell - How sweet is Sparky the Meerkat! You really will make a difference.

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