Today, I received a label from a woman that I cannot claim that I have ever been called before, and that label is 'trashy'. Her reason for this is because I was wearing this t-shirt...

Now, I just want to put it out there that I am not easily offended, and therefore this comment received no more than a sigh and  a swift eye-roll from myself as I passed the woman and her agreeing boyfriend (?) by, but I had to publicise this due to the fact that this girl-to-girl behaviour is not okay.

1. of the nature of trash; inferior in quality; rubbishy; useless or worthless

I understand that this t-shirt is very much a statement piece that definitely shouts out to the crowd, to not like it and the have a strong preference to never buy it is very understandable - but where in the world is the sense in insulting the person that decides they do want it in their wardrobe? Does that Disney design give somebody the right to call me something that indicates that I am worthless?

It made me rethink all of the times that my friends have been insulted by other girls,saying that what they're wearing makes them look like 'sluts', or it makes them look like a 'heffa'. Without meaning to sound too Mean-Girls-y here, "you have all got to stop calling each other sluts and whores!"

Girls nowadays struggle with confidence much, much more than what they used to. Society, nowadays, posts unrealistic images on billboards and smooth out anything that could be classed as 'imperfect' in magazines, but the people that surround us, they are real. But if the real girls are all insulting each others appearance, how are we supposed to accept ourselves?

It is not okay to say those things. It's not okay to judge somebody on their appearance in the most horrid of ways, and if you must think bad things, then keep them in your heads, because words hurt.
Luckily, I have hit the point in my life where I have come to accept who I am, yes, I'd love to change many things, but taking an insult and brushing it off is easy for me. A lot of girls aren't like me. A lot of girls will have come home today, taken this t-shirt off, and will never wear it again in public - and we all have at least a tiny piece of those girls within ourselves.

Always think before you speak. Always take people's feelings into consideration. Always be kind.

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