A Wander

Sometimes, one of the best things to do is to go for a wander in a new place.

I am one of those kinds of people that doesn't mind if they get lost, it is all part of the adventure, and helps provide some of the best stories to tell! It's even better getting lost with a friend or other half, because despite how worried or nervous you may be, you can still laugh together at the situation you are in, and a smile from a familiar face is one of the most secure places in the world.

Whilst we were in Cornwall, a location surrounded by beaches, we took ourselves off on a route that we had never been down before (making very silly footwear choices - doh), and found ourselves in an unknown village, home to a private beach.
Let's bear in mind, once again, about my flip-flop/sandal choice in footwear, and allow me to show you what was the obstacle separating myself from the sandy beach ahead...

Bah! I suppose it helped my squeamishness of seaweeds and stepping my feet into the unknown *shivers*. I feel as if welly boots are my future adventure necessity!
Before I headed through the "swamp" and declared myself Shrek-ed, I had a wander around the rocky area in hunt for some crabs, but instead I managed to find something much more exciting!

So. Many. Fish! The poor things were stuck there due to the tide being out, so were just swimming about in their school (shoal?), and minding their own business... well, until I enlightened the kids and their crabbing nets came into use....
 Don't worry, they were all returned back to their families.... wherever they may be!

I then slipped, slid, squealed, whined my way across the slippery rocks (saving a few fish along the way that were in too shallow parts of the water), and finally reached SAND! I was finally stable again :)

The views were so pretty, I adore it when there is no land in sight when you look straight ahead - it kind of makes you understand why the earth was once understood to be flat - there is no beyond!
Once we were all sea-splashed, view-admired, photo-taken, water-paddled, out, we headed back to the road (and back through the seaweed - whine!), and made our way back up to where we were staying.

With our blackberry stained fingers, our tired legs, and our sea-air filled lungs, we sat around the dinner table, and rewarded ourselves for all of that blackberry picking, by using them one of the best ways we knew how...

Ahh! Pimms!

Where was the last place that you wandered to? Did you get lost?

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