Tea and Cake @ Teacup Kitchen, Manchester

One of my very favourite parts of Manchester is the Northern Quarter. It is the perfect place to go if you are wanting cocktails, a unique gift, or my personal preference, tea and cake.

Luckily for me, many of my friends are tea lovers like myself, and so therefore a suggestion of heading out to grab a drink never takes much persuading!

Teacup Kitchen is one of my favourite places to go - purely because of the cake (oooh, the cake) and also because you get unlimited refills on your tea (mmhmm, you read that right!) - and so it is the perfect place to go for a catch-up with your friends and not having to feel as if you are outstaying your time there once you have finished your drink, because you can keep topping up until you are ready to move on! I'm totally going to use it for uni work in the near future too, it's such a lovely environment to be in. 

I hadn't seen M since she moved out of our old house back in June, and so a catch-up was definitely in order!

My order was the most typically British order you could make, but amazing all the same.


Teacup's NQ Brew (£3.50) & Victoria Sponge (£4.00).
The Victoria sponge was filed with fresh cream and raspberries which was the winner for me. Fresh fruit in sponge is one of my favorite things!

M branched out much more...

White Peony (£4.50) & Lemon-Licious (£4.00)
I tried a bit of this tea, and it was so tasty! Definitely going to have to have a pot to myself next time.

A isn't a fan of cake (I know, right? Why are we friends? Hahaha, I joke, I joke... it's because she  at least likes tea), and so stuck to tea...

Red Lychee (£4.20)

D isn't a hot drink lover, and so opted for a smoothie and a cake that I was very, VERY jealous of!

Chuck Berry (£4.80) & Gooey Chocolate Brownie (£3.50)
HOW amazing does that brownie look? You get a choice of toppings to have on top of the brownie - peanut butter & cookie dough, honeycomb or coffee & walnut.
D went for peanut butter & cookie dough and it has 100% made it onto my 'next time' list.

If you live in/near Manchester or are planning a visit soon, and you fancy checking out Teacup, the menus can be found on their website - let me know if you go!
Also, let me know whether you've been before - I'd love some tea recommendations :)

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