Thank You, Keira.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My initial thought when seeing this photograph was 'huh?'

I wasn't aware of Keira's protest against photoshop and I just saw this photo as another magazine shoot. So, there I was, sat with my head tilted, eyebrows screwed, looking at this photo, figuring out what was wrong with it - and then I got it. NOTHING is wrong with this photograph. Nothing. I got it!

My Nightclub Pet Hate

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I haven’t always been a huge fan of going out and getting drunk - probably because of the time I drank a little too much, passed out in the club toilets, awoke to jump straight out of the toilet cubicle, straight into my college teacher, and then later on, put a poor civilian off his takeaway because I found a comfortable spot on his street curb to sit and vomit up the toxins which essentially make nights 'enjoyable'. Even thinking about it makes me cringe a little inside.
So, despite enjoying the occasional night out with my best girlfriends and sometimes drinking a little too much (although no more passing out and throwing up – girl knows her limits now) it's no surprise that I can go out and find a long list of things to complain about and to moan about to hope I feel much better about the sight of girls (literally) falling over themselves to impress boys, girls standing on my feet with their stilettos and shrugging off a deserved apology, and that one creep that doesn't take his eyes off you despite giving him very clear ‘back-off’ signals.