My Nightclub Pet Hate

I haven’t always been a huge fan of going out and getting drunk - probably because of the time I drank a little too much, passed out in the club toilets, awoke to jump straight out of the toilet cubicle, straight into my college teacher, and then later on, put a poor civilian off his takeaway because I found a comfortable spot on his street curb to sit and vomit up the toxins which essentially make nights 'enjoyable'. Even thinking about it makes me cringe a little inside.
So, despite enjoying the occasional night out with my best girlfriends and sometimes drinking a little too much (although no more passing out and throwing up – girl knows her limits now) it's no surprise that I can go out and find a long list of things to complain about and to moan about to hope I feel much better about the sight of girls (literally) falling over themselves to impress boys, girls standing on my feet with their stilettos and shrugging off a deserved apology, and that one creep that doesn't take his eyes off you despite giving him very clear ‘back-off’ signals.

A huge pet hate is when 'lads' go out of their way to drench themselves in cologne and take a nightclub as an opportunity to stare at girls and spend the night finding an easy entrance. That's all I'm saying on that matter. (Just clarifying that I know not all guys are like my description, but we all know the type that I am talking about. I will continue.)

My ultimate pet hate about nights out are the free flowing insults that come from people's mouths when they have had one too many. Heck, they may have not even had one too many and are just simply assholes, but let's give them a little benefit of the doubt.

Since I began university, I have been to several bars and clubs where the people are evidently not out to make friends nor to ‘pull’ anybody that are not up to their standards; This is where the inspiration for this post appeared from - The many disgusting and rude comments that have been voiced towards my friends and I in the most rude and blunt manner.

  1. Walking through a club and a guy looks me up and down, wrinkles up his nose and goes ‘Eurgh’.
  2. Friend #1 gets told by a guy that she is the type of girl that people would sleep with but not be in a relationship with, and that she needs braces. 
  3. Friend #2 slips over on ice and a guy calls her a ‘heffa’. 
  4. A girl tells her friend that my friend looks like ‘a slag’.

It appears to me that nightclubs nowadays are not completely for having fun and dancing with your friends, it’s a night of competition over who looks the best and who can take somebody home – Lord help you if you get in the way of an eagle eyed girl or a shallow-minded boy.
Even when girls aren't insulting other girls, they portray bitch-like behaviour such as when a girl elbowed my friend in the ribs because she was dancing near her, and when a girl threw a drink over that same friend because she was trying to get past her and my friend didn't notice.
How is that okay? If girls can’t be civil and kind to each other, how do we expect guys to be?

To insult somebody is the lowest that you could go. A person could adjust their personality to be a little nicer, adjust their way of thinking to be a little more positive, but a person cannot help the way that they look, that is one thing that we are all born to be. To call somebody ugly or fat on a night out, when that person has found the self assurance to venture out wearing that outfit, with that hairstyle, or with that style of make-up, is an awful thing. Being a girl, I know how long it takes to choose an outfit, how sometimes you can’t wear that body-con dress because you ate too much that day, how you put two layers of make-up on so that you look half decent in the photos that are publicised the day after. I know how it feels to go out with some confidence and to be knocked down at the first hurdle and be self conscious for the rest of the night.

I can moan about people drinking a horrendous amount, but I can also totally understand why people do drink so much - To become confident. To drink so much that they become brave enough to approach a new person and to say things that they wouldn't usually say, to be able to dance the night away without being too concerned about what they look like or what other people may be saying - But to drink enough to beat somebody down to an insecure and nervous person will never, ever be okay; the unfortunate thing is that drink doesn't always alter people, these people’s view of others and their discriminating words are genuine, and to have fun we must ignore them to get on with our night and have a good time. It really, really is a shame.

So, a lesson to myself and to all girls out there, always think about the wider picture before you judge those certain types of girl in the club.
And my favourite piece of advice?
Treat them all as if you would if you met them in the toilets.

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