Crazy Pedro's Part-Time Pizza Parlour

Happy December!
I said goodbye to November with my beautiful best friends, one of which came up from London to spend a bit of time with us girls. She's currently on a placement year, but we made a pact that we would alternate who goes where each month to ensure that we see each other as much as possible in a fair way :)

On a quick trip into the city centre to get a Christmas Costa (the orange hot chocolate is my new favourite  thing!), we decided to go and get something to eat at a new "Full Time Party Bar, Part Time Pizza Parlour" that arrived in Manchester last month.
It replaced my favourite Starbucks in Manchester, but after visiting, I'm pretty sure I can forgive it.
(Because it was a spontaneous trip, I only had my phone at hand to take photos, so I apologise for the terrible quality beforehand!)

The first thing you notice as you walk through the door are the child-like colourful seats that shouldn't work but somehow do against and with the bar's interior.
The decor was almost as if a really cool guy waltzed in and placed different parts of himself all over the walls and ceiling. Photo frames, band posters, bold colours, quirky clocks and somewhat controversial wall decor that made you gasp just to ensure you feel a little better about your immediate snifled giggle, made it a visual explosion to your eyes.
And as for the music? I'd quite happily and unquestionably say it is the best playlist I have ever heard in a bar/restaurant. Keeping your head and feet still is not an option as hits such as 'Funkytown' stimulate your ears.

After craning my neck into positions I didn't know it could go in and finding muscles I never knew existed in the process of trying to look at all of the ceiling posters, I thought it was about time I took t the menu to see what they had on offer.

After telling myself that I didn't need to order the 'Big Fuck Off Strawberry Daiquiri' because I liked its name, I settled on a Frozen Raspberry Margarita, which to my pleasant surprise came in a red cup, making me feel as if I was in America (long shot, but hey ho!)

After debating over which pizza to get (it was a super hard decision for two pizza lovers sharing a pizza!),we settled on getting half 'Best &' (Pulled Pork is always a winner in my book) and half 'Pedro's World Famous Hotdog Pizza' - because how could I have not?

 Much to my delight it came in a pizza box (yay for not having to ask for a doggy bag!!), but then we opened it up! Oh my.

Lashings of ketchup and mustard over hot dog slices on one half, and fresh peppers, salami, ham, spicy chicken and pulled pork in a spicy rub on the other half. Quite possibly one of the best pizzas I have ever had, with some of the biggest slices I have ever had.

All-in-all, it is great to have a new pizza place around with a brand new and much more fun selection of toppings than the usual Dominos's, Pizza Express etc. (I still love you though!), and it is great to have songs to have a mini wiggle to as you are enjoy the new taste sensations within your mouth.

If you are in or around Manchester and are a a pizza lover like myself, I'd definitely recommend you to try out this new bar for something and somewhere new, exciting, and weirdly interesting!

Find Crazy Pedro's at: 55-57 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BQ and at

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