New Year's Eve, 2014

New year's eve was always one of those things for me that was over hyped and, the majority of the time, disappointing. I went out drinking, because that's what I thought you were expected to do, squandered my non-earned money for over-priced drinks, that I didn't even really like, and made do with the social norms that was the last day of the year.
When my ex took me to London for new year, not a touch of alcohol was consumed, not a penny was spent on things that we didn't really want or need, and I realised then, it was who you spent the night with, not what you do, where you are, or how drunk you may be - it's all about starting the year with people that matter.

So, this year - wait, no, last year - I spent my NYE with two of my best friends.

We bought party hats, party poppers, snacks, board games, pin the tail on the donkey, pink cups and stripey straws, and a few drinks to last us through the night.

After a game of 5,4,3,2,1, 'who am I?' (which I won both times, muhaha), beer pong (which we were all equally terrible at), and finally, pin the tail on the donkey, we were all feeling the tiredness, and settled down waiting for the new year to arrive.

When Big Ben finally struck 12 on our TV screen, we popped open the cava, poured ourselves a drink, and toasted to 2015 - swiftly followed by popping about 20 party poppers and running outside to watch any visible fireworks in the distance.

So, from us to you, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I hope 2015 brings you everything that you hope it will and more.

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