Richmond Tea Rooms

There nothing much that I love more in life than tea and cake.
No matter what time, what day, what occasion, if tea and cake is offered, I'm there!

Honestly, I've never had afternoon tea before this day - Well, I've had the obvious tea and cake during the afternoon, but never actually ordered an 'afternoon tea'. Safe to say, that's probably all I'll be ordering from now on!

Richmond Tea Rooms lies within the heart of 'The Village' in Manchester. A short walk from Piccadilly station, and located on the appropriately named Richmond Street.

After a blustery walk (I say walk,we were pretty much blown the entire way there), N & I arrived at the tea rooms, 

The instant I walked in, I marveled at the stacks of tea cups carefully placed within a glass cabinet, and craned my neck to see a beautiful pink cuckoo clock, before noticing the 'Please wait here to be seated' sign in front of me, displaying the Mad Hatter in a small frame.

Oh, haven't I said this yet? The entire café is Alice in Wonderland themed.

"The totally OTT decor, gives a knowing nod towards a Tim Burton inspired design. Their chefs have created unique specialities whilst also providing the traditional favourites too."

As soon as we stepped through the door, we were faced with cake. I was already in my element.

If the cakes were anything to go by, afternoon tea was going to be amazing.

Once we were seated, we spent a few minutes looking around at the stunning decor.

Photo frames filled with images, novelty clock, teapot lightshades (!!!), teacups, rabbit salt and pepper shakers. I was in love.

We decided on 'The Queen's Tea' (£18):

"Selection of cakes and delights.
Finger sandwiches and savoury pastry.
Homemade fruit scone served
with clotted cream and fruit preserve.
Pot of tea of your choice"

We both ordered English Breakfast tea and sat and eagerly awaited our cakes and pastries.

And it was definitely worth the wait.

If I could have figured out a way to take a 360 degree photograph, I would have.

On the bottom plate: Hidden away at the back was a small selection of salad topped with a zingy dressing, accompanied by a quiche and three small sandwiches - cream cheese and cucumber, ham and cucumber and ham and tomato.

On the top plate: A scone with a small pot of clotted cream and another filled with jam. Next to it a dessert, which I can only think that could be a banana cream pie (we had no idea what it was but devoured it either way), alongside the unknown banana dessert was another unknown cake- a sponge delight with a citrus-y kick - and finally, a small jar of trifle - super sweet and sickly, but a must try (even if you wince a little at its sweetness and lick it off your spoon in tiny doses- both guilty!)

I absolutely loved it here. You could have taken away the food and I'd have still have been happy and looking around the room for something new to look at (please don't take away my food, though!)

If you are in/around Manchester, I hugely recommend this tea room. The staff are super friendly, the food is gorgeous, and the interior... well, I think the photos say it all!

If you are fancying a more grown up option - there is also a unique cocktail bar at the back - watch this space, I shall be attending that as soon as I can.

Alice in Wonderland fan, Disney fan, tea fan or cake fan, you will adore this place. And if you are neither of those, I'm still pretty convinced you'll love it.

Even the toilet decor is pretty...

Have I won you over yet?

Find Richmond Tea Rooms at Richmond Street, The Village, Manchester. M1 3HZ and be sure to check out the menus here.

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