Bill's Breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. If I could eat breakfast for my three meals a day, there's no doubt that I would happily do that.

At the start of this university year, A and I decided to head out for breakfast every week to explore different restaurants and unique places within Manchester - and in the process we found some amazing places.
I decided that I'd start documenting our trips to share with you guys, but also for myself to look back on and go 'oh, YUM! Let's go back there!.

First off, let me introduce you to Bill's breakfast.

I first heard of Bill's through Hazel's blog, and made it my mission to hunt one down and try those pancakes that just looked divine *insert heart eyes emoji*. Luckily for me, there's a Bill's in Manchester, just a bus journey away! Easy peasy (but maybe slightly dangerous).

On Tuesday morning, A, N & I headed to Bill's for a breakfast and a long natter (by long I mean 1.5 hours later...)
One of my favourite things about the restaurant is that as soon as you open the first door, you are greeted by a basket of hot water bottles and blankets that they supply if you want to sit outside (I know, right?!) It's such a lovely touch and provides an instant comforting feeling. The second door then leads you to the actual restaurant, where we were greeted by a lovely waitress, eager to help and provided us with the friendliest service.

Prior to receiving food, N & I ordered tea, and as odd as it sounds, tea from Bill's is my favourite! Not due to the taste or anything like that, but the fact you get five whole cups of tea from one teapot for £1.95! 
 I couldn't even manage all five - but it was still great that I was able to pour five cups, either way.

At long last, I was faced with the tastiest looking pancakes ever! EVER.

Blueberry filled buttermilk pancakes,topped with banana, strawberries, blueberries and maple syrup. It was like a party in my mouth and I swear I could have eaten a second lot. They were amazing.

N ordered eggs royale...

Brown sour dough toast topped with smoked salmon and poached eggs, served with a hollandaise sauce and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds..

And A stuck to the basics and ordered scrambled eggs on sourdough toast...

All of which were a-ma-zing.

The food was amazing, the waitresses were super friendly, and the food far from breaks the bank (5 cups of tea for less than £2, guys!!!). It is one of my favourite places for breakfast and I hugely recommend it- and if you have a sweet tooth, you must try these pancakes, they are to die for.

Find your nearest Bill's here & the full breakfast menu here

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