The Piano Man

Photo taken in Sheffield Train Station, UK

I sighed and groaned as my Starbucks lid failed to live up to it's job and tea launched itself out of the drinking hole.

I'm not as much of a fan of trains as I used to be - I used to enjoy the journeys and be filled with excitement over the destination approaching - Now, my head swims with the repetitive 'Will I get a seat?', 'Will there be a place left on the suitcase rack?', 'Will I be able to get a priority seat so my bag will fit in front of me?', and it sucks any potential enthusiastic thoughts out of my head and spits them back out in front of any incoming train.

So, there I was, tea dripping down one hand, my suitcase being pulled behind me in the other, and a significant amount of 'huff, puff, god sake' thoughts swimming through my head at the obligation of having to climb up and down steps to find out what platform my train would soon be departing from, when I heard a piano.
It wasn't a recording of any sort, it was a live piano, and like a moth to a flame, I followed the sound.

I have always been in love with pianos. If there was one skill in life that I could click my fingers and gain, it would to be to be able to play piano.

Sat in the centre of the train station was a piano, open to the public and being played by a young man - without seeming too obvious that all I really wanted was to sit cross-legged next to him, I stood nearby and watched.
Alongside this man playing, there were two elderly men, I noticed a sparkle in their eyes', but couldn't quite pinpoint what or why, so I turned my attention back onto the piano and stood in awe.

As soon as the young man stood up to leave, the taller elderly man slapped his friend on the back, and his friend, can only be described as, hopped, skipped and jumped straight into the recently jilted chair.

He played wonderfully.
There was an excitement in his eyes, a pride in his smile, and perfect melodies at his fingertips.
He loved every second of it, and I loved listening.

I'm not sure why I wrote this post, or why I felt the need to tell you that little snippet of my life. I guess I just wanted to share with you something that hugely altered my mood and hopefully made you smile too.
That old man had no idea how he cheered me up, made me smile, and affected me enough that as soon as I got home I told my Mum the story of how excited he was to play the piano - just like I've told you too.

I guess, what could be taken from this is that people are funny little things. We concentrate so much on trying to make ourselves happy and watching and envying other people around us be happy, that we sometimes forget to just let ourselves be. 
So, step out of your little world for a second, stop grunting and groaning within your head, and take in the environment around you. You may just hear a beautiful piano playing too :)

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