Two Thousand and Fifteen.

It really bothers me when people say 'I don't see the point in new year's resolutions. You can decide to change yourself or join the gym any day, why do it because it's a new year?'.

For many people, including myself, a new year is a fresh start. Yes, I know it's just another day and the goals I set to achieve for myself can be set at any time, I can start exercising tomorrow and I could have done that clean out months ago, but sometimes, I, and sometime others, need an excuse. An opportunity.

Opening a new diary, seeing that January 1st untouched and unmarked on a page, feels to me like a whole new chapter. January 1st 2015 is day 1 of chapter 23 in my life.

So, to the people that begrudge new years resolutions/goals and who shoot people down for making them, making them feel silly for setting hurdles to jump over the course of the year, and who openly voice 'what's the point?' to a person that is excited and is embracing the day - Shush. Shush because a new years day is one of the most refreshing, one of the most satisfactory, and sometimes one of the most relieving days possible - it's a chance to say 'okay, that year was a bad year, let's make this one better' - and you know what? That's awesome! This year is yours.

For me, this year is about building upon myself and preparing myself for my own personal hurdles

I wrote out a list of goals that I want to achieve, but looking back through them, it's things that I say everyday. So, as a more clean-cut, concise, achievable, list, here are my 15 things for 2015:
  1. Have a huge clear-out. If it isn't useful, doesn't make me happy, or I haven't used/worn it in an unmemorable amount of time - It's going.
  2. Become a morning person. This probably won't start until uni does, when I get back into a routine, but I really want to become somebody who can wake up bright and early and be totally fine with it.
  3. Drink 3l of water a day. I need to stick to this. I've started this off by starting the January Water Challenge that I discovered from Becky over at Becky B blog. Hopefully it shall stop being a challenge and start becoming a normal routine in my day
  4. Say goodbye to the 'fandom'. Katy Perry has been a huge part of my life for 6/7 years now, and as much as I've loved squealing and fangirling with fellow Katycats, a large part of me now wants to distance myself away from it all. I'll remain an absolutely HUGE fan of Katy, after all, she's the one person that I wouldn't hesistate in marrying - but social pressures, 'who loves/met/seen her most competitions, and immaturity towards other fanbases isn't something that I want to be associated with anymore. I love Katy, and that's enough for me now.
  5. Graduate with a 2:1 or higher. Laura Blake, time to work your butt off.
  6. Go to a Disneyland casting. Because, how will my dream of being a Disney Princess come true if I don't even try?
  7. Learn to drive. This is a loooong time coming. It's probably about time.
  8. Read more. I used to absolutely LOVE reading, I used to zoom through books within a night, and I'd happily choose a book over any game on my phone and any social network. I'd really love to get back to that.
  9. Travel somewhere new at least once a month. Whether it's some place down the road, within the country, or abroad - just explore that little bit more!
  10. Create a night-time technology ban. This is also something that will probably not happen until all of my assignments are out of the way (I seem to work best at night), but I definitely want to shut off by 9pm/10pm every night, and choose a book or my bed instead.
  11. Keep up my 5 year diary. Luckily, my housemate is also doing this, so we can make sure each other are keeping up with it! I reckon I'll have to set a reminder sometimes too though...
  12. Reach 500 bloglovin' followers. I know it shouldn't be about the number of followers, but to reach this number and see how many people are interested in my little piece of the internet would make me so happy.
  13. Improve on my photography. I want to take beautiful photos which I am proud of in years to come.
  14. Create a 2015 scrapbook. This also links in with the photography! Hands up, I watched Lily's video and I am completely o b s e s s e d  with the idea of project life. I HAVE to start one!
  15. Cut down snacking & eat proper meals. This quite possibly the worst habit that I have at the moment. I snack so much that I have about one proper meal a day. This must stop!

So there we go, my little contribution to your feed of new years goals :) 
There are so many more things that I would like to do and to achieve this year, that I may have to create a page on my blog with the full huuuuge list, so I can cross them off along the way, and you can keep updated too! 
I absolutely love reading what others' are aiming to achieve - so if you've done a similar post, leave your link below and I shall check it out!

Happy New Year, readers! This is your new chapter and a fresh start - don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

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