Charlie Simpson @ Gorilla, MCR

Once known for his bushy-eyebrows in Busted, to the front man of rock band Fightstar, Charlie Simpson has made his way into the world of solo artists, proving that his voice can even reach the mellow sounds of country-folk.

His 2011 debut album Young Pilgrim was my most played album for a series of months. From my favourite boy in Busted to a beautiful man with an equally beautiful voice, Simpson is still my favourite; So when announcement was made for a solo-acoustic tour for his 2014 album Long Road Home, I didn't hesitate on making my money-less voice heard that I needed to attend, and my friend thankfully listened and bought me tickets as my Christmas present 

Charlie's on-stage presence is one of ease and relaxation. He oozes clarity and keeps your eyes locked on him while he flawlessly plays guitar and his voice softly flows through the air. He played records from both albums, much to my absolute delight, and he perfected each one, occasionally putting an acoustic twist on them, making up for the lack of band and thoroughly emphasizing his talent.

Watching and listening to his soothing voice genuinely puts you into a daydream-like state -whilst singing my favourite song, Sundown, I'm pretty sure I wasn't mentally aware of anything else going on around me - his songs grasp your attention, and his words speak to even the darkest of hearts.

If you haven't heard of Charlie Simpson, still know him as 'Charlie from Busted' or 'Charlie from Fightstar', please give his solo music a listen to. He is genuinely one of the most talented solo artists of today, and I encourage you all to sit and pay attention to his lyrics, as well as his musical talent. 
You'll understand, I promise.

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