America is my dream Ask anybody I know where I most want to go in the world and they'll, without hesitation, say America. Any way I can get close to the country, I will grasp with both hands. So, when an invite dropped into my inbox inviting me to a Vegas night of glam in Manchester, I immediately RSVP'd - even a snippet of the party city was great for me!
We arrived at The Milton Club, and were greeted by lovely ladies that took our coats, provided us with our first cocktail of the night, and a golden envelope filled with information about Thomas Cook and VEGAS.
After we finished our cocktail (which we later discovered was actually the Viva Las Vegas cocktail!) We headed to the bar and admired the amazing decor before deliberating what cocktail to have from the exclusive menu...
N chose the Black Jack and I chose The Flamingo
 Mine was fruity and crisp, whereas N's was creamy and chocolatey - dangerously like chocolate milkshake!
With our delicious drinks in hand we gossiped at the bar and chatted about our surroundings and the once in a lifetime opportunity that we were currently in. As well as making friends with the bar men over fruit, and keeping our eagle eyes out for incoming canapes!
We spotted the make-over area, and headed in for our lips to be ombré-d and our eyes to be made-up.
Rachel Dutton and her friend who I wish I found out the name of (!), were absolutely lovely girls and made us giggle and look like princesses. And most importantly, made us feel like this...
Well, the cocktails probably contributed to that too ;)

After another visit to the bar (Black Jacks for both of us this time!), Britney Spears performed Coyote Ugly styley upon the bar...
Of course, not the real Britney (else there'd be serious fan-girling going on), but an impersonator that.. heck, do I even need to tell you what song she sang? (Big clue with the outfit!)

Afterwards, we finally made our way to the roulette table.
We learnt how to play (sort of...) and had a great time winning the big bucks in order to win a bottle of prosecco. Eventually, last orders were called at the bar, signalling the end of the night (and a big 'AWWWWWWW' from myself and N)
Unfortunately, we completely missed the memo of cashing in the notes as we were too busy doing this...
But the absolutely lovely Bethany, who won the prosecco, came over and handed us a glass each which made our hearts warm and very happy :)
Although it happened far too soon, the event ended and we got ushered out the venue to gifts of mini bottles of prosecco and little Thomas Cook aeroplane gummies (gone far too quickly to take a photo of), and due to the night still being young, we ran over the road in order to have one of these bad boys...
Perfect ending, right?

A huge that you to Thomas Cook airlines for inviting me to this amazing event!
It was all in order of the brand new direct flights from Manchester to Las Vegas, all at pretty great prices too - Click here to go and check them out if you're planning a getaway soon!

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