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It's been a while since I posted - Mostly because third year is taking over my existence, and keeping a social life on top of that pushes my little piece of the internet to the side a bit. So, here is a little update on what I have been up to over the past couple of weeks :)

I also currently have a hamster trying to nibble my finger every time it goes near him on the keyboard. I swear he thinks he owns my laptop. Little monkey.

1. IWOOT event
This was definitely worth having a full post about, but unfortunately, the idea was for valentine's gift ideas, and, well, I didn't manage to put it up before Vday. It was such a great night though! It was hosted by IWOOT and propertea (which I must head back and visit!) There were lots of yummy snacks and amazing little gifts. One of my favourite nights!

2. Ziferblat
The new café in Manchester with a twist - Everything is free but the time you spend there! Ziferblat charge 5p a minute, and you are able to help yourself to hot drinks, cold drinks, cereal, biscuits and cake. They also have loads of games that you could play to pass the time if it takes your fancy. We had a few games of pop-up pirate (I lost, every time) and Harry Potter trivial pursuit. For an hour it's £3, and although the idea is great, I couldn't help but feel like I could have just bought some 30p biscuits from Tesco and make my own cup of tea at home! I'm also not a fan of being conscious of time... So, I think I'll stick to paying for what I eat/drink from now on.

3. Olaf
This guy has been a strange little bean lately. So clingy! He hurt his claw the other day, so I think he just wants some attention as he's feeling sorry for himself.

4. Sealife
I spent my Galentine's day in Sealife centre, which is one of my favourite places. Aquariums are the best, I swear. We finished the day with cupcakes, krispy kremes and chinese takeaway - yumm.

5. Rec night
The final rec night of my university life! :'( Rec night is basically a night where my university book out a club just for us students and we all dress up and dance the night away. I dressed up as Barbie (with bright white teeth, looking at this?!) and you can probably guess the rest.. well, apart from Bruce the shark (Fish are friends, not food)

6. Family time
My family came up for a few days,, so we headed out and about around Manchester and both of my parents treated me to chocolate goodies. I love my personalised nutella! And that hot muffin sundae from Cadwaladers was just.... ughhh.

7. Escape Rooms, Manchester
This was honestly one of the best nights that I have ever had! It was so much fun. I spent it with Emma, Sophie and Laura and we had the best time giggling away and wracking our brains to work out clues.. we were actually terrible at it, giving up half way through the room and having a little dance to 'All about that bass... 100% recommend! (Both escape rooms and having a dance ;)) All I can think about is heading back and checking out all of the rooms, I enjoyed it so much.

8. Selfie
Why not. Have a selfie, it is an update after all. I am going to try super hard to fit in blog posts over the next few weeks, but having to write a hell of a lot of words for my final year project, I'm taking a step back from everything and getting my head down. I've done pretty well with my assignments so far, but this one is the bad boy, and I'm determined to do my very best with minimal regrets/'ohhh I wish I didn't procrastinate so much' thoughts.

I am so excited to get back into rambling on and reading all of your posts! I miss blogging!

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