It's been almost a week since this little gem happened, but it deserves a place in my blog, purely because it's one of my favourite days of the year so far!

I kept seeing talk of this meet on twitter, but due to the distance and my complete lack of knowing people, I sort of shied away at the prospect of it. I eventually told myself to stop being such a wimp and signed up to go, RSVP-ing pretty much straight away.
I'm so happy I did.

As soon as I arrived in London, I met up with a few lovely fellow bloggers that I have been chatting to daily on whatsapp, and despite my over-chatty, nervous self, we chatted away as we would via any other means. I thankfully became comfortable super quick and soon felt as if it wasn't the first time meeting these girls - it was like I knew them forever!

Arriving at Bittersweet, a sweet little bar hidden away in Soho, things were a little crazy due to the venue being naughty, but we found ourselves a place to stand and allowed everything around us to run its course while we gossiped and discussed the venue.

Dotted around the venue were sweets and treats, much to my greedy delight. So, I grabbed a handful of sweeties and we headed to the bar where Rhianna got the pinstripe cocktail (above!), whereas I took the super boring option of water as my tummy wasn't a happy bunny (although, still a little happy for those sweets, of course).

Soon enough, the venue filled up with fellow bloggers, and a fair few hesitant smiles (is that them? do they look like their twitpics?) were shared. Eventually, everybody just started to chat to whoever they bumped into which was super lovely, it was like being at a house party where you're all familiar with each other :)

There was so much going on all at once, it was hard to decide what to do first!

We wandered over to Vix's Stella & Dot stand to have a gawp and try on all of the gorgeous jewellery on offer...

I personally fell in love with a trio stack of rings (top image, far right), but due to my tight budget, I might have to slip that one onto my birthday wishlist.

As soon as I spotted the henna, I knew I had to have one!

It's amazing how Henna was able to smoothly and so beautifully paint a pattern onto hands. I stood watching her do a couple before me, and all I could think of was 'I bet she's banging at decorating cakes'. Turns out she's never tried - just in case you were curious too ;)
I was so happy with my design - I just wish the glitter stained too! It really does top off a beautiful design.

I didn't partake in the nail painting or the hairdressers - purely because, despite having 3 hours, everything went so fast! I was so caught up with having a giggle and chat, I completely lost track of time.
I was, however, introduced to the amazing brand Moogoo.
An Australian brand, and one of the most environmentally friendly skincare companies around, Moogoo originated when a cream was developed on a dairy farm in order to moisturise the cows' udders, which was full of all the good stuff. The founder was then like 'oh, hey, this could be great for humans too!', and so then made it super friendly for our skin too!

Everything that we got told about this skincare made me want to try it out more and more - it all sounds a little too good to be true, to be honest! Especially to somebody with dry skin issues like myself.

The special thing about this brand being there though, was the launch of their brand new make-up line Dusty Girls.
How beautiful is that pink blush?!I can't wait to have it in my make-up bag!

Everything about this brand seemed perfect to me - especially the cute pastel packaging!
Everything is natural and mineralised, making it much better for your skin that other 'cloggy' make-up, and it's definitely one of those brands you see on the shelf and grab because you want the packaging chilling around your dressing table.
We were actually one of the first people in the UK to see this - so we all felt special, and definitely embraced the talk we had about it all.

After all the fun and games finished (sad face), the raffle tickets were drawn, and I won a Look Fantastic beauty box, which was very unexpected but very exciting! That mixed with our goody bag at the end made me feel ever so spoilt and grateful.
I'd like to thank Lauren, Tamsyn and Amy so much for hosting this event - despite the few downs, the ups outweighed them all, I promise!

And, I cannot forget the charity that it was in aid for. Look good feel better works towards helping women that are undergoing cancer treatment feel better about themselves, by providing them skincare and make-up workshops, to help boost their confidence and bring that sparkle back. I personally think that it's a wonderful charity, and I was so happy to contribute to helping them progress a little bit further :)

Did you go to this event? Holla if you did, especially if I met you, I must check out your blogs!

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