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Valentine's is close and it's my second ever one alone since I started secondary school (I'm not sure whether this is pretty good or pretty bad going). So, since this year is another Galentine's day, I thought I'd give you a run down of my Valentine's from the age of 12-16. I think you can figure out whether they were true love or not ;) and you can also laugh at my absolute horrendous morals. I'm a good girl now, I promise.

  1. The pretty boy. When I started secondary school, there was one boy in my form that everybody wanted to be their boyfriend. I was the happiest little cherub when I was his first girlfriend. He left me a 'horny devil' teddy in my locker and we had our first kiss behind a tree on the school field. Aww.

  2. The older boy. He was my friend's older brother's friend, and we shared our first kiss in the middle of a field in a caravan. His 'mates' then made fun of him for going out with somebody two years younger than him and so he broke up with me via email. Heartbroken. Even more heartbroken when I found out he was with my 'best friend' whilst emailing me and they were laughing as they were doing it. Oh, young love is tragic.

  3. The boy with the mole. I was convinced that because we had a mole in the same place that we were made for each other. I really wish I was joking here.

  4. The boy that I swapped with my best friend. I swapped mole boy for my best friend's boyfriend. We swapped boyfriends.

  5. The washing machine. Lovely boy, but my oh my, was he a terrible kisser. I never had the heart to tell him. I was also his first love (cue awww).

  6. The cute one. Oh, he was super cute. I think he was scared of me though. We never kissed. It was a sad time.

  7. The eager beaver. I never actually went out with this boy - I'm not even sure that we ever kissed. But he bought me a ring for valentine's that I still have to this day - it was a really pretty ring, okay?!

  8. The dream. I treated him like dirt because I was so young, overwhelmed and in no control of my feelings. I have apologised an unreal amount of times since, and I am still madly attracted to him. Siggggghhh, puppy love.

  9. The emo. We went to the cinema and held hands. Whirlwind romance.

  10. The cute one's brother. Yes, this happened.

  11. The other emo. Through my 'scene' days, where everything was miserable and forlorn. He broke up with me because I was engrossed in a game of tetris when he got out of work and I didn't immediately say hi.

So, there we go. After all of this I got into a pretty serious relationship that ended after being cheated on a total of 8 times in 15 months. We'll call that one The C...............ruel one.

Secondary school was a tragic time for my love life, as you can tell, and I have been giggling throughout typing this because what seemed so serious at the time is so funny now - how on earth did I survive all of those heartbreaks?!

Please let me know if you had any experiences like mine! I can't have been the only teenager that had a 'love-life' like this?!

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