12 things that I’ve learnt whilst doing my dissertation

We all know that I’m currently doing my dissertation. God forbid if I let any of you forget about it. Sharing the pain is somewhat easing my poor brain, as a fair few of you are also in this struggle and we can all moan together! But since things have started getting serious, I’ve learnt a few things.
  1. The library is a god damn awful place to work. People talking EVERYWHERE. People distracting you EVERYWHERE.

  2. But you are in some form of relationship with it, and you just cannot leave. If I stay in the library, even if I sit on my phone, I’m clearly being productive because I am here.

  3. Games are 10x more addictive than normal. I’ll just play this game for 13 more minutes, so then its 3’o clock, and then I’ll start my work again.

  4. Watching TV feels so bad it’s good. Teletubbies? OH MY GOD, this is my FAVOURITE programme. I’m going to binge watch this because I have no worries or anything else productive to do.

  5. Eating becomes procrastinating with a great excuse. Oh, it’s dinner time already? Great! Time to take a break and eat.

  6. You become obsessed with word counts. Normal conversation does not exist without ‘how many words did you get done today?’, ‘Oooh, how many words have you got left to do?’. It’s exhausting.

  7. You hate everybody that has finished. It doesn’t matter that they began before you or spent more time working on it. You hate them. Why did they betray your trust like that?

  8. You’ll use the knowledge that people have done less than you as an internal superpower. You won’t even feel bad about it. ‘Oh shit, noo, you haven’t even started that bit?’ HA, YES, ONE-UP!

  9. You turn down plans because you have a dissertation to do. And then spend the whole day procrastinating anyway.

  10. Your other lectures and assignments have absolutely no relevance in your life any more. Keep up with my other assignments and lectures too?! Are you JOKING?!

  11. Any music in your ears whilst typing is the bomb. You never realised how much you can dance to a song until you have to concentrate on something more important.

  12. You class somebody that is breathing, blinking, sneezing or typing as distracting. And if they’re distracting you, you clearly cannot work.

Who’s feeling me here?

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