Barburrito Masterclass

I only had my first ever burrito last year. I wasn't really sure what to get, so I just copied my friend and it was just a bit... bland. Because of that, I never really understood the fascination. Fast forward a few months and I headed to Barburrito with N, with little expectations, and a drive of hunger rather than interest. I loved it. There were so many flavours! Ever since then, I find myself heading to a Barburrito whenever I have the chance, choosing it in the likes of Trafford Centre's Orient.
When a screenshot of a Barburrito masterclass tweet popped up in a whatsapp conversation, I had to jump on it. Finding out how they make that wrap of amazingness? Er, yes please!

N and I arrived at the Deansgate restaurant, and were greeted by the ever so lovely Steph and her co-worker, and a couple of bloggers (Amy and Alex) were already there, munching away on nachos, which we soon joined in with.
We firstly got told a bit of information, which I found really interesting as I had no idea how small the business actually is! Living in Manchester, with FOUR whole restaurants, I assumed it was much bigger than it is, but apparently we're just lucky (or greedy). So here are four things that I learnt:
  1. There are only 11 Barburritos in the UK.
  2. You can find them in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, London and Liverpool! (But there are plans in the works to get them to all big cities - so watch out)
  3. Burrito actually means 'small donkey' in spanish- hence their logo!
  4. Also, relating to that, customers have actually asked if they put donkeys in their burritos (ew)
After chatting,we were provided samples of each of the burrito fillings.
This was such a great little idea, as when you head into a place like this, you always tend to stick to 'safe' foods that you are familiar with and know that you will like, so it was nice to actually get to try everything to broaden burrito horizons. 
I pretty much loved everything. The spicy beans aren't even that spicy, and the cheese sauce? Where has that been all my life? Also, that beef is the bomb (if not a little chewy - but good news guys, they are working on a 'wetter' recipe for that!)

Next up, we were taught how to wrap. I was so grateful for this - I am a terrible wrap-per. It all falls out the bottom,or splits, or... just ugh. Now? I'm a pro ;)
And then onto the best part! Actually making our own burritos!
The whole process was pretty funny, with customers wandering in and us just stood there like 'Hellooo! We don't actually work here!'. Amy actually ended up heating some of the wraps for the customers coming in!
Here are some of the burrito skills I learnt!
  1. Heat up the tortilla slightly
  2. Put a big spoonful of rice on the wrap and spread it out
  3. Put the rest of the fillings in a line in the centre of the wrap - and don't over-do it!
  4. Folding up a burrito is like carefully wrapping up birthday present
  5. I am a banging burrito maker - watch out workers, I'm coming for your jobs!
Whilst sitting and munching away at our burritos, whilst feeling very smug and proud of ourselves, one of the founders of Barburrito (Morgan) popped over to say hello, which was a lovely little surprise- after all, if he didn't exist, how could I have been eating that amazing-ness there and then?!
If you haven't been to Barburrito, I hugely recommend it! It opened my eyes and changed my mind about Mexican foods, and maybe it will do the same for you too? And if you love it? Let them know at @barburtweeto - I know for a fact that they love to hear it!

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