Gifts for the Impossible Mother

When it comes to Mother's Day suggestions, people are forever suggesting flowers, jewellery, beauty, and fragrances. My Mum? She doesn't enjoy any of that kind of stuff. She hardly wears jewellery, rarely wears make-up, sticks to the same perfumes, and flowers? Let's just say that I'm glad she has more skills looking after little humans!

So, I'm pushing all of these gift guides aside and making room for my own - for the impossible mother. If you don't have a mother that sits and goes 'ohh, I don't knowww' every time you ask for gift ideas, then you're a lucky, lucky person! It's a blummin' nightmare.

1. A personalised portrait
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This is personally my favourite idea - and an extremely cheap one if you're able to draw! A portrait of your family! I thought of this idea over Christmas, but didn't actually have the time to create one in time for it. But etsy has many beautiful artists that will create one for you!

Above are my favourite ones from etsy... How CUTE is the peg doll one! It all obviously depends on what your Mum likes and what will fit into your family home. But there is pretty much everything you could think of on etsy, so give it a go! Who doesn't want your family on a unicorn though... really?

2. Lush
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No matter who you are, what you do and what you like, there is always room in your life for a bit of Lush. I’m not going to bore you with the same old Easter/mother’s day collection, (don’t worry, I’m sick of seeing white bunny bath bombs and those bloody unicorn horns too), but instead, I got in touch with Lush and got advised by a lovely lady what the most popular all-year-round products for mums are, not just for this time of year, so you don’t have to wait for an entire year for a product that your Mum may fall in love with!
The gorgeous products above were all recommended to me, and the majority are all very much focused on relaxation :)  although the therapy bar is great at fading stretch marks and scars! We know that our Mum’s can become stress bunnies at times, so these gorgeous items are ideal! Even I’m tempted as all of them have such amazing reviews.

3. The gifts she didn’t even know you could get
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A candle that may contain a diamond, a scarf that has text on from her favourite classic author (the one above is Alice in Wonderland), a butterfly house for the incoming spring, a hand blown glass tree globe (they’re so gorgeous, right?!) or a completely unknown mystery box – let’s be honest, if we spend our lives on the internet and we weren’t aware of these things, then she definitely won’t be. There’s even one item that I’m contemplating buying for myself (if you’ve read my Stratford post, you’ll definitely know which one I mean ;))!

4. The friendship bracelet
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This may seem a bit of a strange one, as friendship bracelets tend to be associated with 13 year old school girls, but one of my Mum’s favourite presents from me is a ‘mother/daughter’ charm set that I got us for our Pandora bracelets one Christmas. She actually cried a little when she opened it, they were that much of a success! I think it’s really important that we remind our Mums that - along with our love for them and our gratefulness for all they have given - they are our friends too. I think it’s easy to classify family and friends in separate categories that we forget that actually our family are among our best friends. So, whether you fancy splurging or just nipping to Claire’s for a cheeky £4 matching set, I truly do feel that a small gesture along these lines would be appreciated :)!

5. The mother/daughter (or son!) box
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You know what your mum likes best, so play on that! You’ll know whether a girly pamper night is up her street, a day of gardening, or a day of baking (my Mum loves baking, hence my idea of a box above), so why not create a box full of things that are key to a day/night of your choice, and make sure that you spend that time with her. Her favourite things to do and you? I’m sure she’ll love it.

I really hope that I have helped a few of you out, as that was my aim! I really do struggle with buying my Mum gifts for all occasions as she is so difficult to buy for, and I can’t be the only one that has this issue, so please do let me know if I have helped you at all :) And be sure to let me know if you actually go through with any of these ideas!

And finally, tell her that you love her. Actually, go and do that one right now!

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