Shattered sight

Imagine if we all just saw the bad in each other. Imagine if every single part of you that is mean, selfish and rude, got told to you by a confrontational friend or family member. Imagine every bad thought running through your head during the day being directed at you.

I watched an episode of OUAT the other day where a spell was cast so that they all only saw the bad in each other. They all only saw what they disliked about the person and what they disliked about themselves. There were dwarves fighting on the street and Prince Charming and Snow White didn’t half have an abusive argument. And Snow White even had a fist fight with the Evil Queen – all pretty funny when you think about it in that fairytale way.

It got me thinking though. If that spell was cast over us all right now, what would the people surrounding me in my life say to me? How much of what I do and say in a day is enough to affect somebody enough that it is deep down held against me?

For the past few years, I really have tried my hardest to become a nicer person. I wasn’t the greatest kid in school, I wasn’t the friendliest being in college, but coming to university, I made a pact to myself to be kinder.

I admit I have a terrible habit of snapping at people when I get in bad moods, intolerance of people that don’t understand when to give up, and the well-known ‘insult your best friends’ habit. I am blunt towards people that say dumb things and cannot stand people who think they are right all of the time. I push away potential love interests, and I have little patience for people that ask loads of questions. I can be blunt at times and I can say things that instantly make me want to bop my head against the nearest wall.

If the spell was cast, I’m pretty certain all of these things would come up, and they wouldn’t surprise me at all. If anything else came up? It would hurt, because I really do try.

I make a conscious effort to be friendly to everybody that I come across, without batting an eyelid at what their appearance may be. I always say please and thank you and I use manners no matter what. Despite my impatience, I always force a smile and be as helpful as I can be, and when people believe they’re right (When it’s painfully obvious that they’re wrong), I make sure that I say ‘ok’ and end the conversation before I speak derogatory terms. I really do try. And I hope I try hard enough that people don’t actually notice that I’m internally battling against any bad egg inside of me. Hopefully one day I won’t have to try anymore.

I think there are a lot of people in the world that don’t realise that what they do and say affects the people around them. There are people that openly judge others based on their appearance. There are people that say rude comments to your face and try and laugh it off as if it’s a joke, when actually, it really hurt your feelings. Unfortunately, there are even some people that are well aware that it hurt your feelings and don’t give a flying duck.

Where I’m going with this is that I think we should all imagine that the spell has been casted. What would be said to you? Would you be expecting it? Or is it the bad parts of yourself that you wish you could hide? Or maybe don’t even try to hide?

I think that we should be much more aware of what we say and do to people. It really does come down to treating others as if you’d wish to be treated. It’s important that we work on ourselves to make ourselves the best that we can be, and if that means have internal battles to keep bad things in, then you do that! It shows that your voice is the strongest part of you. You can think bad things in your head if you have to, my god, the amount of cursing I have done at people whilst giving them a huge grin at work is unreal. But my thoughts will never affect somebody’s day. They’ll never enter that person’s head and make them second guess themselves, feel sad or have something to hold against me in life. I really do think that that is important.

So, if the spell was cast right now? Well, I’d hope that I’d be prepared for what people would say to me. And the important thing is, is that I know these things and I know that I am on the road to changing them.

How about you?

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