If you told me eight months ago when I published my first ever post on elelibee, that I would find a group of amazing friends through blogging that I would speak to every single day, I would have probably have snorted and gone 'aw, that would be dead cute wouldn't it'. Eight months later and I am lucky enough to have been blessed with just that.

Although not all of our little group could make it, Sophie, Emma, Mara, Kayleigh and I headed down to Stratford for a day out and a chance to meet up for a giggle (lots of!) and a day of blogg-y and general chit chat.

The absolutely lovely Sophie drove myself and Emma down,where we met up with the other two, and we headed straight to the butterfly farm - with a pause or two on the way to snap a few photos of our surroundings.
Despite the dull weather, I absolutely adored SUA. The streets are beautiful and each building is so unique and full of character. It reminded  me a little of York - just without all of the uphill-ness (I blummin' love York.)

After my attempt at making friends with all of the ducks in the nature reserve area, squealing at all of the dogs and puppies walking past, and losing Sophie almost constantly due to her camera being her inbuilt satnav, we arrived at The Butterfly Farm.
Even walking towards the farm, everything was beautiful and picturesque (even us ;)) The careful decor - including those amazing string cobwebs! - made everything fit so perfectly, it was almost like walking into a little fairy tale.

Now, onto the butterflies. Have I mentioned that I love butterflies? Because I LOVE butterflies.
How gorgeous are they all?! I took so many photos, it was so difficult to narrow them all down. I'm super pleased with how some of them turned out too :)

Afterwards, we headed to Hathaway Tea Rooms for some food, tea and cake.
Photography courtesy of  Mara standing up and being a hero

After our tummies were full - mostly from food, but slightly from the amount of giggling that happened throughout - we headed off for a spot of shopping, sight seeing and selfie taking.

I had such a lovely day - thank you girls for making it so much fun!

Stratford really is a gorgeous place and I can't wait to visit again. If only I lived closer!

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