Ten Happy Things.

So, the moment finally came that I handed this bad boy in. I keep seeing emotional facebook posts/instagrams/tweets about the long eight months with their dissertations etc. etc, but truthfully, I'm not even emotional about it, I'm just really blummin' happy that it has GONE! It began to suck the life out of me and the enjoyment disappeared. I don't ever want to see a person yawn again. Or maybe just for a while.

Handing it in made me happy. Happy, relieved, and grateful for the upcoming lack of reading no papers for a while and the lack of having to care about word counts and numbers. So much, that we got home, drank some cocktails, and sat and pretty much did nothing. It was great.

Other things that are making me happy lately?

  1. My friends. Just lately I have been appreciating my friends more than ever. My heart just fills up when I think about them, and I can't help but realise how lucky I am. I have the best friends ever, I just want to hug every single one of them.

  2. Tulips. For the first time ever, I bought myself flowers, and I don't understand why I've never done it before! They look so pretty and I feel like a proud flower mumma.

  3. Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 on iPad. Once I start playing a game, I become obsessed. This is my new obsession. (Friend code: PBP8LE)

  4. Chocolate. I just love chocolate.

  5. Bunny cuddles. I can pick Raph up and give him a squeeze whenever I like, and he doesn't even hate me for it. I love him.

  6. The sun! IT HAS ARRIVED!

  7. Cleaning. Okay, this is weird, right?? But when you have something important to do, it almost feels as if cleaning/tidying becomes a procrastination technique. So, now everything's done, I can finally spend time tidying and cleaning, and it's so strangely satisfying.


  9. Getting some spare time to spend on my project life and my blog. Two things that I've been waiting for!

  10. Easter break. A.k.a. my birthday.
All of these things are super simple, but I just feel so content when I think about them. 
What is your current happy thing?

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