My Dry Skin Saviours

I have super dry skin. I try and persuade myself that I don't when I buy certain foundations and powders, but sometimes, it's so undeniably obvious.
Over the course of the winter months, my skin gets progressively worse, and foundations aren't an option for me as they just massively accentuate the dry patches on my face, and it honestly makes me paranoid and self-conscious. But it isn't just my face that I get dry skin on, it occurs on my arms, legs, waist, armpits, you name it, it's probably there! It's meant a long process of testing drugstore moisturisers, discovering that I'm actually really allergic to some brands, and a lot of crying and hiding away when certain "moisturisers" actually made my dry patches 10x worse and red raw.

At the end of January I was introduced to MooGoo. You may have read about this brand before on my blog in my #nyLDNmeet post, but if you didn't, let me tell you more about them:

MooGoo began when they adapted their dairy version of udder cream, which was designed to protect the skin on cows' udders, to be specially made for humans. The original udder cream was legen-dairy (yes, I went there), for its skin soothing properties, but far too greasy for humans! So, out came the grease, and there began MooGoo. Full of skin repair ingredients and absolutely no gimmicks.

During their talk they mentioned that their specialty is making natural products for adults and babies that have skin problems or sensitive skin - perfect! 
  • All of their ingredients are edible (but definitely not the tastiest), which proves how natural this brand actually is. 
  • They use no animal testing - they are their own guinea pigs
  • Every single ingredient is put on the label, not just the "actives"
  • They don't use parabens, formaldehyde donors or similar preservatives
  • Their products are for absolutely all ages.
The lovely ladies offered us the opportunity to request a product to use and try, and I jumped at the opportunity. I opted for the 'Anti-Ageing Face Cream*' as the ladies mentioned that this is something that you should start using from the age of 20 (sob).

After using this cream daily, I noticed a small difference in my skin, but the biggest difference was when I used the 'Skin Milk Udder Cream' sample that I received in my goody bag, along side it. After tweeting MooGoo thanking them for producing this cream, they recommended 'Full Cream' to me, which is a "creamier" version of the Udder Cream.
So impressed with Udder Cream, I decided to buy Full Cream, along with a lip balm, as I full trust that everything MooGoo produce is pretty much a miracle worker.

I use the 'Anti-Ageing Face Cream' after washing my face in the morning (super wish I got the one with SPF now!) as it sinks in fast enough for me to do my make-up pretty soon after. At night, I use the 'Full Cream' after washing my face to let it sink in over night as it is super thick - but means you don't need too much at a time! I also use this cream on my super dry patches around my body, and they're progressively fading which makes me super happy :) I use the 'Cow Lick Lip Balm' whenever I have the chance to! One thing that I love is a good lip balm.This one is lovely as you can feel it on your lips a good while after application. I know a fair few lip balms that I have tried have always been a bit too 'wet' to start with, or disappear after about 5 minutes, but this one is great and actually works really well.

I'm currently still on the sample of  'Milk Wash' that MooGoo kindly sent me along with my Full Cream/Lip Balm purchase, which I also love! So, that's probably something that I'll end up purchasing after it runs out - you only need a small amount at a time which makes a small sample seem to last forever! I had this with my Udder Cream sample too! :) Although I have also seen the Oil Cleansing Method that is specific to dry skin, so I may try that out too.

Basically - I need to try it all.

If you are looking for a new brand of skincare that you can trust and love, please go and try out MooGoo. It has helped my skin so much, and gives me absolutely no regrets to spending that little bit extra than I would at a drugstore. I know that with MooGoo I'm not getting any nonsense that I've been drawn into by other brands, and it fills me with confidence that what I am putting on my skin is not harming it in anyway.

*MooGoo kindly provided me with the Anti-Ageing Face Cream, but the others were bought myself :)

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