Twenty three.

On 16th April, I turned 23. I can’t say to you that I was looking forward to it, nor that the change of age bothered me (for some bizarre reason I’ve been telling people that I’m 23 for ages whenever they ask my age). For the past few years, my actual birthday has been quite the disappointment – for example, last year we went somewhere just because my parents had free tickets, and not because I asked to go. It’s always been the week surrounding the day, or the days out I had planned after that had always been the best.

This year, I spent my day with just my Mum and Stepdad, having afternoon tea and browsing the sales, and I absolutely loved it. There were no surprise gifts, extravagant cakes or massive balloons (well, there would have been if my Mum didn’t buy one, shove it in a cupboard and popped it………..), but just a simple gesture that I loved. After all, tea and cake are two of my very favourite things!
We went to a tea room in Lincoln called Bunty’s, which was decorated so lovely, and made you feel cosy and comfortable as soon as you walked in the door. My Mum and I ordered the afternoon tea (with lemon cake, carrot cake, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and ham sandwiches) and W ordered a Lincolnshire sausage and bacon baguette and a latté.
It was so yummy and I am definitely going back there again! When W went up and paid, he told the lovely girl behind the till that it was my birthday, to which she seemed alarmed that be hadn’t told them earlier, and so when I asked to take my scone home, they customised my box…
So sweet!

Afterwards, my Mum and I swanned off and did a bit of shopping while W drove home to fetch my brother and sister from school.

It was an almost perfect day (minus my popped balloon, hour long train delay, missing supervet, nobody singing happy birthday to me, lack of birthday candles and the absence of a puppy), but if it was totally perfect then there’d be no stories to tell, right?

The next day, I spent my day and night with some of my favourite people in the world. N bought me the much loved and missed balloon that my Mum popped (what are the chances, huh!) and a big Minnie mouse balloon – Quote me “All I want for my birthday is cake and balloons” – and AL bought me a good old caterpillar cake (which I have genuinely never had for a birthday before, so that was exciting) and a Rapunzel phone case. A bought me the Cara Delevingne colouring book which I have been whining over wanting forever, and the cutest spork from paperchase :)
1. Attempting to take a nice birthday selfie but totally given up. 2. Poppet my birthday bunny. 3. Birthday balloons! 4. Katy cake! 5. Birthday mug from my sister 6. Caterpillar cake with sparkley candles :)
7. Mac N cheese date at Bill's with my favourite Londoner. 8. My gorgeous blogging girls helped me hit my next follower milestone!! So happy!! Thank to you all♥ 9. Changing room mirror selfie 10. Two birthday martinis just for me :) 11. Birthday gifts! 12. Photobooth fun

Thank you to everybody that celebrated my year of living and for the cards and gifts that I received, I love them all! 
Oh, and thank you to my new followers! You helped me gain a whole different type of gift - I know it's just a number, but it makes me so happy that you guys actually want to read my (very sporadic) ramblings! 

Here's to another year of staying motivated for another day of balloons and cake! 

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