Life Lately #002 ♡

Ciao amici!

Long time no blog! I have been super busy over past couple of weeks that the only thing I could have really blogged about would be revision update (which is going terribly fyi). But I thought I'd do a little catch-up anyway :) Even though it will just be about pets and other wild, crazy things.

  • First things first, I got a first on my dissertation. Firstly, I just want to write first as many times as possible in this first bullet point as I am still so, so shocked about it! That dissertation became the bane of my life and the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning. It became a chore and in the end I just wanted it done and dusted and out of the way, accepting that I'd probably get a lower grade due to practically giving up. But I did it! I got a first! ( it just me or does that not even look like a real word anymore?)

  • My family came up a couple of days after I found out my result (which was a first by the way), and my Mum brought me a huuuuge chocolate cake that she baked and a couple of balloons. It was so lovely that she expressed how proud of me she is. It makes it all feel worth it 

  • I finally sorted out my Europe route! I'm going to do a separate post on this because I want you guys to recommend me places that I have to visit - so I'll save all the info on that for my next post :)

  • Raphael has definitely kept me giggling throughout exam period. He got caught two days in a row stealing A's cereal, and despite him being a naughty little bun, A's 'Guuyyyys, you HAVE to see this, I'm going to kill him!' made it so worth it. The best part was when he left the trail of rice krispies to where he tried to hide with them. Aw, I just love him.

  • Me and N went to see S Club 7! Steps and S Club were my absolute faves at school - I'm so glad that I've now seen them both reunited.

  • N's dog came round for the day, which to the  majority of our house was the BEST THING EVER. He's so old and looks like a big clumsy bear. I hope my future house is a zoo, because I love being around animals so much. Ngaaahhh.

  • Dusty girls makeup has been my ultimate go-to lately. It's so refreshing knowing that what I am putting on my skin isn't full of chemicals and terrible for it. My skin is massively thanking me - it is so soft! The blush is my favourite, it is so pretty.

  • I received a surprise parcel through the post the other day, and it made me almost cry! In a day of cramming revision, this gorgeous colouring book that I have wanted for months and months popped through my door from the amazing Mara, and I can't stop flicking through the pages every so often and looking at all the beautiful illustrations. Gah, I'm so happy. Thank you so much, Mara ♥ 

  • Another one of my absolute treasured "blogger friends", also surprised me with a birthday gift. I am so spoilt. The alpha mug, along with a gorgeous smelling yankee candle and sweets that made my tongue go blue without realising, made for a lovely night-in after we spent a day munching on sundaes in the sun.
So, yep. You haven't been missing out on much. My life is currently spent revising, eating doughnuts out of post-exam sadness, and cuddling the naughty white bunny.

But this week is my last ever week of uni before I finish forever. Four years been and gone, what seems fast now, but seemed so s..l..o..w at the time. It's all so crazy, I feel so indifferent about the fact it's nearly over though. I don't think it will sink in for a while yet.

But first, I need to get this next exam out the way.

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