"Grow Down"

I recently read a tweet that claimed that girls over 20 should not still be obsessing over Disney Princesses etc because it is embarrassing.
I replied at the time, to which I didn’t receive a reply to (ho, ho, ho), but as a blogger, I felt that I needed to discuss this in other ways than a 140 character sulk.

I’ve never understood this whole criterion that people should fit into when they hit certain ages. Who created these criteria and why on earth should certain things be for certain ages? Of course I understand why the baby section of Toys R Us is well… for babies. But if you get caught one day playing with a Bob the Builder toy because it makes you laugh (*personal experience siren goes off*) why should you feel embarrassed because it’s classed as a baby’s toy? Why can’t we just appreciate that anything can make us happy?

I was in the Disney Store one day with my family, and I saw somebody I knew with their child. They didn’t know that I was with my family, but their comment to me was ‘at least I have an excuse to be here’. Yes, I have an excuse to be here too. I am a human being in a shop. No, I can’t fit in those small aged 3-4 princess dresses *weeps*, but I can god damn drink out of that Mike Wazowski mug, watch that Cars DVD, play with an Ironman mask and shove my face in a great smelling Lotso stuffed toy.

I’m tired of having some form of flurry floating judgement hanging over me when I show appreciation for things other than lavender candles, beige sofa cushions and the latest dyson hoover. Mate, I don’t care. I have stackable teddies and a fluffy unicorn pen, and you betch’ya one day I’ll have a Thor hammer ready to throw somewhere with the hope it will come flying back to me.

So, I’m going to stand up right here for all you ‘adults’ that find happiness and entertainment in what other people are totally missing out on.

Everybody is different. A lot of you may fit into the lavender candles criteria, if you do then I hope you find the most lavendary of the lavenderest candles, but me, I’m going to sit here with my Roo teddy, my Minnie Mouse ears on and my Disney Princess notebook, because they make me happy.
And damn straight I drafted out this post with my fluffy unicorn pen.

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