I Want to be a Disney Princess

When people ask me what I want to do with my life, I always reply with 'be a princess in Disneyland'. People usually look at me funny, others think it's kinda cool, and others you can just tell they are thinking 'why?'.

Why not?

Growing up, I never visited Disneyland. It's something that I wish that happened, but it never did, and it's something that I can't go back and change.

I constantly watched Disney films. I was obsessed  with The Little Mermaid - I could quite easily write the script here right now. Disney was always something that was constant in my life. Friends came and went, family members just went, my life went through a (highly overwhelming) rollercoaster many times. Even through my 'emo' times, Disney princesses were still my favourite things. I watched Beauty and the Beast 10+ times in a week when I was in a crappy place, and I can still confidently say I'm pretty convinced that it helped my state of mind, and singing along to the songs even now make me the happiest little muffin.

Being a Disney Princess at Disneyland is my dream. I want to collect every bad feeling I gained from not being able to go while I was a child, every bad thought I had towards my parents for not taking me, and every green eye I developed from finding out my friends were going, and turn them into a determination and pride that could be my shimmering, pink road towards something that I have wanted for so long.

Disney brings people happiness. Whatever your age, you can't deny that you still find huge pleasure out of curling up and getting cosy with the Walt Disney opening titles upon your TV screens. Disney makes us happy. That's what counts.

I want to be part of that happiness. I want to be somebody's favourite princess and make their entire day by giving them a cuddle and signing their specially bought autograph book. I want to be the girl that waves at a child during the parade and see them turn and grin at their Mum because that wave was meant especially for them. 

I want to look in the mirror and be so proud that I made it to exactly where I said I would be. I want to be able to say 'I made so many people happy, and most importantly, myself'.

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