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(Just before I began writing this, I pulled my playsuit down a bit and both of my straps pinged off. My playsuit can deal with heat as much as I can. A lovely sight for fellow travellers – At least it’s a VS bra, hey?

After reading a fair amount about Prague, it was somewhere we were pretty excited to go (mainly because we heard how so damn cheap it is!), and we weren’t disappointed.

We headed out to grab some food when we got there, but after I suggested we just go and buy a pizza from a supermarket and cook it back at the hostel, we went and did that instead. We were very mistaken into thinking there was an oven in the hostel, so I produced a fiiiiine microwaved calzone ;) More of a student life than I had when I was actually a student!

The next day we actually wandered further than the Starbucks down the road and we began our day by heading towards the Old Town Square for the noon show at the astronomical clock. 

Every mini review I read warned how hilariously bad the show is, the ‘noon show’ being said to be the most ‘worth it’ as it is the longest of the day. A, however, was very excited for the show (I warned her!), anyway, low expectations just aren’t low enough. It is definitely worth seeing though purely to have a giggle at – the skeleton was my favourite part. 

So, after that joyous occasion, we headed off for a stroll, including the cutest band in the square made up of men, called Staromestsky dixieland. I stood watching them for a fair while, if I had enough money, it would have totally have gone on their album.

Next up, we headed across Charles Bridge towards the castle.

The bridge was beautiful, if not a little over-crowded. Stalls line the sides, in order to try and lure tourists in (which they didn’t very well as far as I observed). The bridge is lined with statues looking over you as you walk – some of them even providing you with luck if you rub them.
When we finally reached the end, my aim was to visit the John Lennon wall, as the map showed it to be just next to the bridge. I couldn’t work out where it was, but luckily a tour group wandered past us and I followed them in hope that they would lead me to it – and they did! Thanks Mr. tour guide!

From images that I have seen, the wall used to have so much more Lennon related graffiti, unfortunately, Craig from Berlin woz also ‘ere, so there’s a lot of graffiti over the top which completely covers some of the work. Much of it, however, is political – which you can probably identify yourselves on the images.

From the John Lennon wall, we went on a mission to get up to the castle for the view of Prague. We couldn’t make sense of any of the signposts, and so I took it upon myself to use a map to get us there. Safe to say it wasn’t the route that I assume more tourists go, but hey, it got us there!... About 200 steps later.

But look at the view!

After getting snap happy and being physically shoved out of somebody’s selfie (yes, that happened), we headed through the castle grounds to Saint Vitus Cathedral.
The cathedral is beautiful, both inside and out. It is definitely something that I recommend visiting if you end up in Prague. The photos do it no justice.
So, that was all our sightseeing done. Now onto the food part of things!
Firstly, I had my first ever Hard Rock cafĂ© meal. This was not something that was planned, but after mentioning that I had never been, and then upon learning that Prague’s was the biggest in Europe, we felt that it was a great way to pop my Hard Rock virginity. It was pretty good, but, not that great, y’know? I’d much rather shove my fave with the free salad in Harvester. I’m glad I’ve finally tried it though :)

Now, for something more traditional – Trdelnik’s are a must-have. There are stands everywhere in and around Old Town Square, so there are no excuses. Try it with warm Nutella too – yummmmmm.

Prague is the city of cats, cheap beer and Christmas. I definitely have to visit again. 

Little bits of advice:
  • The astronomical clock’s mechanical marionette show occurs every hour on the hour. The noon show is the longest. It is terrible, but a must-see.
  • Watch out for the Old Town Square entertainment – it is great.
  • Try not to buy food from inside the Old Town Square. If you do, ensure that the price is for the total of the food, and not per measurement of weight. They’re cheeky buggers.
  • You need a map. Trust me.
  • You also need to trust that you need to try a Trdelnik
  • Beer is cheaper than water. And pretty much every other drink. You can grab bottles for about 50p.

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