"Aren't you bored?"

Nope. No, I am not.

Just lately, I haven't been the most productive nor active of people. I've spent a fair bit of time planning my 2015 scrapbook, I've watched a few films and I've spent an unreal amount of time organising my room- but am I bored? No.

It may have stemmed from being an only child for so long, or it could just be because I am a regular introvert, but I am happy just doing 'me' things and having 'me' time. Yet my Mum finds it so difficult to believe that I'm not bored?

I like being in my own bubble, my own world. I like to have time to just be me, do me things. Scrapbook, read, tweet, catch up on TV, play sims freeplay. I have all of these things to do, all accessible in my bedroom, why on earth would I ever be bored?

It's always confused me how people can say that they are bored so often. How still must your mind be for something to become nothing?

It's too easy to roll off the tongue. "I'm bored".

How can you ever be completely bored when you have your own mind to live in and a whole world of things to do?

Sing a song, dance a dance, play a game, read a book, watch a film, do something crafty, go into town, take your dog for a walk, go somewhere new with your camera.

Buy a new set of pens for work, buy a new stationary set to liven up your desk job, make everything on the shelves look perfect, hum the catchiest and most annoying song in the charts and laugh at customers you hear humming too, try and guess the lives of people that you've never met, use a bag of your favourite sweets as incentives to finish sections of your work.

Put on a comedy when you have a huge pile of ironing to do, put on a 90s album when you have paperwork to do at home, watch an episode of friends as your dinner cooks, sing a happy working song whilst hoovering, sing along to the radio when you have to tidy up.

So, really, why should any of us be bored? Look around you! Because when I look around me I see so many things to do. And the first thing that I shall do right now? Make a cup of tea, because an empty mug is a sad mug.

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