It's the First Day of Autumn

...and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.. oh, wait, that's a lie. A certain bunny just bit my toes.
Hellooooo fellow bloggers, followers, lovers and the stumble-uponers!

Autumn is now upon us, and about bloody time too, I say.
So, what's got me excited for the new season?

... Wearing jumpers. No more being looked at like an oddbod because I enjoy to be wrapped up warm.

... Coffee Shop menus. Now, I'm not a fan of the pumpkin-spice fiasco that most people tend to cry about, but the CHRISTMAS menu is approaching, so can I hear a COSTA ORANGE HOT CHOCOLATE?! Yusss.

... Guilt-free duvet days. GONE are the days of the sun making me feel as if I should be outside doing something exciting. Oh, it's raining? That's a shame (bahahaha)

... New boots. Come on, autumn is the greatest excuse for a new pair of comfy boots.

... The return of the best TV shows. OUAT, AHS, Dr Who, come back to me, darlings.

... The pyjamas. Stores have the BEST pyjamas in A/W, there is no doubt about it. Oh, and onesies. Ohh, the onesies.

... Bonfire night. I've never been a huge halloween fan (sorry, I know that is blasphemy to some of you), but I have always loved getting wrapped up warm, toffee apple in hand, and watching the fireworks. Hopefully, if plans go ahead, this year it'll be extra amazing too!

...Christmas is coming.

What do you get excited about when autumn comes around?

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