Bunny Wishlist

Now, I'm not sure if you all know this yet (especially those of you that follow me on twitter), but I have a bunny named Waffle and I am fully obsessed with him.

Along with the bunny mother status (I hate saying bunny mother because I think of playboys) comes the natural territory of becoming obsessed with bunny shaped, bunny printed, bunny bunny bunny things.

So, I thought I'd share my favourite findings with you - because some of you have to be as equally as obsessed, right?

My absolute favourite thing is the lamp - how cute is it?! And the snuggle jumper is firmly on my Christmas list. And the money box where it's washing itself is the cutest thing :(
Aggghh, I just want it all!

If you see any fun and cute bunny things, please link them below! Anything bunny shaped is totally welcome here. And with Christmas coming up - what else am I supposed to put on my list but a bunch of bunny shaped things?!

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