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Over these past few weeks (/months/ /what feels like years), I've been questioning a million and one things in my life, including this blog.
I used to be motivated, be provided motivation, and used to receive feedback that made me feel as if elelibee was worth something. Since returning back to my hometown, all of that has stopped. Not even gradually, it just stopped
This, as well as losing faith in myself, made me lose faith in my blog, question what it was all for and look towards bigger bloggers and snorfle at myself for kidding that I'd ever get somewhere.
Unexpectedly, I received an email inviting me to The City Girls event in Manchester - an event that I've been seeing all over twitter and hoped that I'd eventually get invited to. It made me excited and made me realise that it was my teeny tiny blog that allowed me to do such thing. The thing that I had neglected and decided was no good. And it stirred something inside of me that was like 'hey, hang on a second, maybe I do love my blog'.

I organised to meet a few girls beforehand, mainly because I was clueless as to where the venue was, but also because I hoped it would ease any negative feelings that I had. 
Sat with three gorgeous girls, all bloggers and all unique, I realised that meeting people like these, meeting people I would probably have never have met otherwise, is a huge reason as to why I blog. And in that moment, with one of the strongest cocktails I have ever had to manage that did not match up to expected flavours, I was content. I mean, I would have been more content if my cocktail actually tasted like candyfloss, but what can you do.
Arriving at the event, we met the lovely Holly and Siobhan who led us up to a beautifully laid out event and introduced themselves to us all. They were absolutely amazing hosts throughout, chatting to everybody and  making us all feel welcome and happy.

After a quick talk from a lady from the Alzheimer's society, explaining to us the importance of being educated about dementia, fundraising for the cause, and how to become a dementia friend (which I hugely recommend you read about here), we were able to pop off and explore the other stands.

We began at the bar, smelling some Twig + Dot Candles (where I discovered that I have a much different preference of smell to... well everybody else there), pocketing an Angelica nail polish (which I can say was not an easy decision to make), trying out some Posh Pickles & Reserves (where I underestimated how chilli the chilli was), and finally picked up some Virtue ice tea!
After filling my pockets (Literally in my pockets - whilst glaring at Anastasia who remembered to bring a tote bag to stash things in, psssh, these people with their good memories), I spotted chocolate truffles (pictured above) that I darted to, but quickly became distracted by the lovely work of Holly Bower, that is created by an equally lovely girl! I didn't manage to get a photo of her stand as I was too busy talking to her, but we were allowed to take a Christmas card home with us (which I LOVE), and I'm keeping my eye out for the day she decides to do a bunny card! The hare, as gorgeous as it is, just isn't my little fluffy Waffle!
One of my favourite parts of the event was the little craft table. The Works kindly provided materials for the event, and allowed us to find our creative streak (I became very serious about my pink glittery box... which I forgot to take home, but let's not talk about that).

Now! Onto the goody bag! Boy, did my shoulder hurt after lumping this back.
  • The Art of Mindfulness Colouring Book* - I did actually manage to pick a couple of these up due to some people not showing up (see what you missed out on? ;), but I gave one to my friend who had yet to join the colouring craze, and we can't have that now, can we?
  • Batiste Original dry shampoo* - I use dry shampoo more than normal shampoo, so this made me super happy.
  • Moogoo Post Hair Removal Cream* - When I first saw this, I was a bit like 'eh?', but coming up to winter, I think this is going to be a great product to have as the cold plays havoc with my skin and it becomes easily irritated, especially after shaving... Even though I think it's designed for waxing... but there's no need for that in this weather is there! Moogoo is one of my favourite brands too (I have a post on their moisturisers here), so I'm excited to see what this has to offer.
  • CafĂ© de Bain Raspberry & Rose Creme Tart* - As a non-lover of hugely sweet smells, this is just WOW not for me. I have never smelt anything like it in my life! It smells like a raspberry dessert, it's almost impossible not to want to squeeze it into your mouth. As much as this scent isn't for me, I am so intrigued as to what the rest of their range smells like, I'm going to have to hunt it down! And I've spotted that there's a sweet vanilla and coconut macaroon, ooooh.
  • Tangle Angel* - Not pictured above as I have misplaced it lord knows where, but I was SO happy to see this in my bag - I have been wanting a tangle brush for a while now but never wanted to part with the money, and I can honestly say, I should have parted with the money, cos this bad boy is true to its angelic name.
  • Perfect Pamper Exotic Lime Bath Fizz Bar* - Also not pictured because I've used it hahah, but oh my GOODNESS ME THIS SMELT GOOD. SO GOOD.
  • Manuka Doctor Skincare Samples* - I have never been stung by a bee and it says not to use this if you're allergic to bee stings... so... er... gonna have to live life on the edge here, aren't I?
  • Tags Crisps* - These bad boys are banging.
  • Love Lucy Boutique bracelet*
  • Creightons No More Fizz Blow Dry Cream*
  • Benefit Porefessional License to Blot*
DermaV10 were so, so generous with their products, I'm looking forward to trying them out! So far I have used the eye roll on, which was so lovely to apply - but the raspberry ripple sorbet body butter just smells SO GOOD I think it might beat everything. Ever. Ok, exaggeration, but it actually smells like ice cream.
I was also lucky enough to win this gorgeous canvas pouch in the raffle, which was provided by Alphabet Bags & I LOVE it. It was one of the first things I spotted that I was like 'Ooooh I'd love to win that!' and this lucky little muffin did.

Finally! Enough about my goodies, let's talk about you. How are you today? How has your week been so far? Would you like to win a lookfantastic box from yours elelibee truly? You would? You're at the right place, kiddo.

The ever-so-lovely Laura from lookfantastic (and Chambray and Curls, just to pop a little blog promo in there) let us take home TWO October boxes EACH. And aren't they pretty?...
Yes, yes, I know it's last months - but it's pretty, limited edition AND it is filled with some amazing products (that I am yet to try, but my skin is going to LOVE in these upcoming months):
So how about it? Mhm? Make sure to enter below! Good Luck!

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So finally, I want to say a big, big, BIG thank you to the girls that made me feel so welcome at the event, and beforehand, including Holly and Siobhan. You guys made me remember why I blog and provided me with inspiration to carry on and to return to enjoying elelibee.

So, hello followers, I'm back!

*UK entrants only. Giveaway runs from 12/11/2015 to 19/11/2015. The winner will be contacted via email or twitter within 5 working days of the closing date. If the prize is not claimed from the winner within 7 days of the contact date, a new winner will be randomly selected.

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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