Sister x Sister

Growing up, I was an only child. It was only when I hit the age of 13 that a sibling came into my life in the form of my little sister.

Because of this, I never had the whole sister stealing my clothes kind of thing - But now, with my little sister hitting the grand old double figured age of 10, I've started experiencing what I assume can only be a taste of similar aged sisters clothing wars - in the form of bags, purses, make-up, and basically anything she can actually fit into!

Admittedly, part of me is selfish when it comes to my belongings. I mean, I don't pay £40 for an eye shadow palette, or £50 on a handbag for it to be man-handled by a child (you understand me, right?), so when something pops into our lives like this H&M Barbie bag, it gets a big stamp of 'LET'S SHARE' approval.
So, when this Smiggle satchel* was delivered by Mr Postman, it was immediately LET'S SHARE approved. To be honest, I was underwhelmed at first, but after discovering that it could also be used as a backpack, and that it holds everything that I need in my bag plus my sister's stuff, I was amazed. I mean, to say it is classed as 'mini', it holds my Ted Baker purse, my Canon camera, snacks (said lightly), iPhone plus more! And honestly - that is exactly what I need in a bag!

So, stuffing our bag full of essentials (those being cookies, soft toys and my camera... of course) we headed out for the day for hot chocolate, shopping and to get her ears pierced for the very first time!
Cream Teddy Coat: Primark | Flat Knee High Boots: George at Asda | Mini Lucy Satchel Bag: Smiggle* | Jeans: Next (old) | Watch: Olivia Burton | Jewellery: Primark
One thing that I really love now she's older is being able to take her out for a treat - even if it is just for a hot chocolate. I think it's one of those big sibling things where it's nice to be able to go 'hey, I earn my own money now, let's go get something fun'. And, you know, maybe get your ears pierced too.
Disclaimer: The items marked with an asterisk were gifted to me courtesy of Smiggle and Small Man Media. All opinions, clothes and wit are my own. The swans, however, are not.

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