The Busy Girl's Handbag Guide to Getting Organised

New year is creeping up on us, and my bum is fully gearing itself up to getting organised and motivated mode. 
I'm not sure what it is that gets me wanting to be so anally organised (more than normal) once the new year approaches. Maybe it's the pages of a brand new diary, or the hope that I'll be able to look back and go '2016 was amazing', but something kick starts inside of me, and I cannot slow it down. And let me tell you, I take organisation to next level perfection - I am obsessed. 

Just lately, I haven't really stopped. I am either at work, meeting friends, sorting out my house, Christmas shopping, spending time with my family or chasing after a naughty bunny. I have finally realised what it means to be 'busy', and watched my organisation slip away with it.

But NO! No I shall not be defeated by this new unexpected life that I am living. I shall work with it, and that is what I have been doing, and can share with you here to hopefully help you fellow busy girls' and guys' stay organised too, via the power of your handbag/rucksack/satchel/sports bag/whatever bag you have.

1. To-do Lists 
I cannot stress to you enough about how helpful to-do lists are. How do people function without having a written list of what they must do in that day? Nope. I can't even imagine. I have this little 'stuff to do...' pad* just next to my bed. My head goes at 1000 mph at night time, thinking of all the things that I have to get done the next day. So, I like to jot them all down at bedtime and be able to get up in the morning, tear the page off, and pop it in my bag before I go to work so I know exactly what I must do after. Because nothing is more annoying than working near a supermarket, trekking all the way home and then realising you needed to buy kale for a demanding bunny.

2. ALLLL the notebooks
I get laughed at about the amount of notebooks that I have, but guys and girls, I am not ashamed! There are three areas of my life at the moment that I am looking to get organised. Life, blogging and youtube. (Yes, I know that I haven't even started youtube yet, but I am getting the ideas down ready to get set and go.) I love notebooks that I can just slot into my handbag ready to be scribbled down in if anything inspires me throughout the day. Having a pen (always keep a pen in your bag, always!) and these three little handy notebooks in my bag makes it so easy to do so.

3. Diary
I know some people don't get along with paper diaries (here's looking at you Rhi), but I honest to Katy Perry could not cope with life without one! I used to lug my big Frankie diary everywhere with me in order to be able to see what I was doing in the upcoming weeks (which to be honest was a bit of a nuisance), but then I picked up this little monthly planner for £4, and I can honestly say that it is one of my favourite purchases of all time, ever. If work, a friend or, y'know, Chris Hemsworth, asks you what you are doing on *insert date here*, this is the handiest little contraption in the WORLD. Okay, maybe not the world, but it is especially useful for those sorts of occasions (I LOVE IT).

So yes, these are my little tips that are currently keeping my little brain from fretting (FOTD: Did you know that Einstein had a small brain? True story) and hopefully have inspired you guys to pimp your stationery style and designate a space in that pretty little handbag of yours!

Do you have any other helpful busy girl tips for staying organised? I'd love to hear them, and let's be honest, I'll probably adopt those ideas too!

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