Tidal Waves

"There are many times in life that feel as if a tidal wave is crashing down upon you, refusing to stop and not allowing you to breathe. It's the most suffocating feeling knowing that everything around you is changing at such a pace that you can't run from it - it's always one step ahead. It's those times you just need to stand still and let the wave crash around you, wait for the water to settle, and finally be able to breathe again. Eventually, through blurred vision, the important things start to shine through and make you forget that your lungs are full of water and your heart is heavy."

I wrote this a few weeks ago - a few of you may have seen on Instagram before I swiftly deleted it in order to once again bottle those feelings up. But my vision is less blurred now. Going through a crappy time in your life makes you realise which people in your life are the ones that matter, that care, and the ones that are probably just best left as the ones you should just stick to light-hearted stuff with. It exposes sides of people that you've never seen before and helps you learn which ones that are best to go to next time you're in a bit of a rut.

I woke up today for the first time happy. I turned over, checked the (surprisingly late) time, and sang a good morning song to Waffle. He looked pretty confused to be fair, but I can't blame him. And shortly after I won a Big Winter Box of Lame (I can't talk about it too much else I'll get all excited), and then my friend text me asking me to go on a trip to one of my favourite places in the UK.

And there it was. Clear vision.

The people, the things, that turn your world upside down are never the people you expect it to be. The people that turn your world back around the right way are equally as unexpected. I have been so lucky to find people that have always reassured me that they are a phone call/text away, provided me with hugs, taken me out for countless breakfasts, hot chocolates and meals, and just been pure magical stars.

And you guys! Thank you for writing lovely comments on my blog. Thank you for making me laugh every single day on twitter. Thank you for providing me with motivation without even realising it, and thank you for baring with me and my absence on here.

Now, that's all the soppy stuff done. Let's get prepared for blogmas and a youtube debut.

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