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When it was decided that myself and my favourite blogging girls would do a Secret Santa, I never imagined that I would receive a gift that would bring me to tears.

I have made it no secret that I am feeling extremely down as of late, but I don't tend to speak to others about it in fear of becoming a burden or putting them under any pressure to have to reassure me or to (potentially) pretend to care. But, every so often, I'll mention something that's going on in our little group conversation, and they begin to make everything feel better again.

Opening this present made my heart burst, my eyes fill up and feel overwhelmed with love.

Having been following Happiness Planner for a while on Instagram, I knew immediately what the gift was and what it entailed. A 100 day guide to happiness, and a gesture that I couldn't believe.

Inside comes pages of key questions such as 'What makes you happy?' and 'What makes you unhappy?', turning negative things onto their head by asking if you can change them, and if there is anything you can do to improve them. It's almost a prompt for Joy to appear back into your head after she's been lost for a while (Inside Out reference alert), it's as if sadness and anger write down what makes you unhappy and the diary (Joy) goes, 'nope! Here's what you can do now!' - something I needed ever so much as I was struggling so much to do myself.

After the key questions come the 100 days of happiness.
Beginning with a page for weekly work/personal goals and what you shall reward yourself with, there are then 7 pages of daily prompts, which then repeat till day 100.

'Today I'm excited for'
'Today I am grateful for'
'Good things about today' 

Nothing that says 'here, dwell about your day', it's all about the positive. Admittedly, there is a notes section where you can have a tiny rant (GUILTY), but the focus is not on the negativity, it's the good things, even if it's as small as my 'Mum brought me a cup of tea to bed' - which I was both grateful for and happy about.
Although it's not going to be a miracle worker, I can already see this lovely little pink book helping my out so much over the next few weeks. It's opening my eyes to prove that there is always something good in a day - even a bad day. And every time I look at it, it reminds me that I have the most thoughtful and generous friend out there who I couldn't be more grateful for, and couldn't thank more for this gift.

So, tell me - what are you grateful for today?

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