The Perfect Diary Partners

So, we all know that I have a slight (okay, huge) obsession with diaries and stickers. If you didn't then you must be new to my world. Hello!

Over the past few months I have been using a monthly layout planner from sticker stack and I have really enjoyed being able to see my entire month in front of me without flicking through pages. Resorting back to week-to-page view in my 2016 diary just wasn't cutting it anymore, so I made the oh so difficult decision to buy myself a new large diary with monthly views as well as weekly, so I can view my month and write my daily to-do lists inside.
But do you know what was missing from my planner world? You'll never guess.

(Yeah... stickers...Oh. You guessed. Damn, I should have been more discreet with my photos.)


Oh, how my planner life has been revolutionised.
I got these stickers from STICKWITHME shop on etsy, and I l-l-love them.
I have the cars for driving lessons, cameras for blog photo days, little workout symbols for the gym, and for my domesticated days, I have the sweet little mops etc in the top right corner! Others that I bought include bills due (booo), laptops for blogging days, and hydrate ones which have 8 hearts on them for keeping track of your daily 8 glasses of water! Love!
I love the work schedule ones too. They wouldn't be so helpful for the typical Mon-Fri 9-5 job, but for me in my retail job, they are perfect! I just think they bring such a fun and colourful dynamic to a diary/planner. My eyes are so happy when I open it up.

I strongly believe in supporting small business, and although I love my paperchase (as we allll know), never would I find such perfect stickers as these (and neither would you, I believe)! Hand designed and perfectly made, I am in love.
It's also made me contemplate whether to join the world of bullet journals... one step at a time though, hey.

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