Two Thousand and Sixteen.

New years are my favourite things.
They're a clean slate, a new number, a brand new calendar, a fresh diary and a chance to go 'right, this is a great chance to change this, this and this. They're brand new stationery, a chance to begin anew, a great excuse to start on the planners you've had stored away for a reasonable day to begin (oh, just me?), and a motivational beginning to whatever you have planned.

Before I jabber on about what I am wanting to achieve in 2016, I want to recap on what I set myself goals towards this time last year over on this post.

Honestly, a fair few of them I didn't achieve, but that is down to my own faults and my lack of motivation. For example, hit 500 bloglovin' followers didn't happen because I fell in and out of love with my blog in 2015 more times than Miley Cyrus got naked on TV. I also didn't manage to drink 3l of water a day because... well, there is no valid excuse to be honest, I'm just bloody terrible at staying hydrated! And finally, I didn't become a morning person. That one was probably the one that was most likely to be chortled at by most and yeah... I like my bed and I'd prefer to stay in it for as long as possible, thank YOU.

But I did graduate with a 2:1 - a grade that I am still in utter shock about and probably do not deserve if the revision:netflix ratio was popped into a graph and displayed. I went to a Disneyland casting which was one of the most intense and overwhelming experiences to date, but hell yeah, I'm heading back to go for it again. I kept up my 5-year diary, sort of. There are a few gaps, but life gets in the way sometimes, okay? I learnt to drive, said goodbye to the Katy Perry fandom, read more and I travelled somewhere new once a month - which I want to keep up for as long as I possibly can!

So, 2016. 2016 is the year when I want to find a place in my life that I am content. I need to figure out who I am and what I want. This relates to career, friends, sexuality, lifestyle, health and my whereabouts. I think deep down, in this moment, I am constantly arguing against myself about what I want and it's tiring. It's not so much that I need to make a decision, it's the fact that I need to sort my shit out.

So, my resolutions are:

1. Sort my shit out
2. Sort my shit out more
3. Sort my shit out most

No, but seriously... before I think of anything else, I know that the main thing that I want, and that I need, to accomplish this year is to find myself.
There are many other things I have on my resolution list such as:

1. To see my friends more
2. To always give myself something to look forward to
3. To cut down on sugar
4. To organise my time more efficiently
5. To be more productive in my spare time and on my days off (sometimes...)

Really, I just want to be healthier in my body and in my mind; and I'm determined to make that happen. And to make that happen I need to have more patience with myself and with life. That's key.

If you have a new years resolution post, please link it down below! I love to see what people are aiming to achieve!

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