Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hola Se├▒oritas!

Mother's Day is approaching! (Funny story, I once forgot to buy my Mum a Mother's Day card and she didn't talk to me for about a month. True story. Shan't be forgetting to buy one of those again.)
Cards are pretty easy, especially seen as you can't go wrong with one with something soppy on the front, because Mum's seem to love that kind of stuff, right? (I wouldn't know, I forget to buy them) - but gifts can be tough.
Last year I created a 'Gifts for the Impossible Mother' guide - for the Mum's that are difficult to buy for - This year I'm going to stick to a simple theme of 'Does She Like?' for a select few cute ideas.

#LetsTalk Depression

Thursday, 11 February 2016

I woke up yesterday morning and things felt different. I spent two solid days in bed, destroying any positive thought crossing my mind, losing the last tiny speck of any self-confidence or worth that I had kept to one side, and I started to shake myself to thinking in a way that I usually speak of but never take any action upon. Firstly, I decided that I needed to sort my life out (we all know that). Secondly, I decided that I needed to stop trying to go full speed ahead in life when I am just not able to; and thirdly, thirdly I decided I had to be honest. I had to be honest about my feelings, my thoughts, my friendships, my family and most of all to myself.