House Bunny Lessons: Six Months

It's been six months since I brought my little big-eared bundle of fluff home, and six months since my life has adapted around a bouncing hyperactive loony toon.

You've all met Waffle, right? No longer the teeny tiny ball that he once was, I now have a fully fledged teenage drama queen of a rabbit, but also a best friend.

Having a house bunny for the very first time has taught me numerous things - mostly how to sneakily munch on a biscuit without beady eyes noticing and attempting to take it out of my hand, but also a few other things:
  1. Have a number of back-up phone charger cables. You'll need them.
  2. Leaving any form of your food on your bed for no matter how small a time is a mistake, it will be munched on by the time you get back.
  3. A wrapper of any sort will make a rabbit appear in 0.6 seconds
  4. Being groomed by a bunny make you fuzzy inside
  5. Wires are not safe anywhere below waist level. Even if you think they are safe, they're not. 
  6. You'll find numerous random holes in your clothes. Hm, I wonder where they came from?
  7. They know where they're not supposed to go, but if they can get there, they'll be there.
  8. The mad half hour they have at about 9pm is the funniest thing to watch
  9. Hearing them chatter when you stroke them makes you the happiest :)
  10. If you hear a bang from anywhere in the house, you know who the culprit is immediately.
  11. They throw fully-fledged strops. As in, stomping their feet and putting their backs to you.
  12. And it's super cute when they try to be mad but you see their ear turning towards you cos you're talking to them.
  13. Listening to them munch on their food weirdly becomes your favourite sound
  14. Stroking cats makes you feel as if you are stroking miniature ears.
  15. Buying a wicker wash basket is the worst idea (however, the best idea ever for bunny)
Do any of my bunny-mumma followers agree with any of these? OR do you have any to add that I may have missed out? Let me know in the comments! :)

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