Gotta Go My Own Way

You know when you make a decision, and the decision actually makes sense? It makes sense and it makes you feel good, and almost gives you a whole new purpose?
That's how I feel about my blog right now.

It's taken a huge weight off my shoulders being able to just take photos of what I want, and be able to write like this. I have photos, I can then match up some content. I no longer feel stuck in the box of 'I must write something relatable, I must write something to inspire, I must write something helpful' - and it feels amazing, because I honestly cannot provide that all of the time. In fact, just lately I cannot provide myself with that.
I don't want blogging to become somewhat of a struggle. I don't want it to be something that is thrown onto my sky-high life struggle pile. I want it to revert back to being an escape - not a constant little pestering voice.

So, I am going to share outfits, beauty bits, recipes, reviews, anything that pops into my head, with absolutely no pressure.
So, here's a little outfit post.
My clothes aren't brand new, in fact, you can't even buy them in stores anymore, (apart from my trusty Olivia Burton watch) but you know what? I enjoyed taking these photos, trying something new and exploring new boundaries. And that's what matters.

Here's to new directions.

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