Looking Forward

The other day I was laid in bed with my friend, the night before she headed back home, and I asked  her 'are you looking forward to going back?', in which she replied 'no'. But then she proceeded to list off a few things that she was looking forward to. She then asked me the same question. I had to honestly reply with 'nothing'. It hugely saddened me that I couldn't think of one tiny thing that I was looking forward to. I mean, there must have been something, right?

After wracking my brains for a good few days, I've compiled a list of ten things to look forward to in my life. From the teeniest tiniest things, to the the big. Whether they're within the next month or far out in the future. Every one counts, right?

  1. Passing my driving test
  2. Meeting my friend's baby
  3. Seeing The Jungle Book
  4. Orphan Black season 4
  5. A bigger bedroom
  6. The Bloggers Ball
  7. A night out
  8. Seeing the Matilda musical
  9. Trying TGIs new menu
  10. Having enough money to start saving
So, there we go. My list of things I have to look forward to.
What are you looking forward to? From the tiniest thing to the biggest?

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