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I have been obsessed with perfumes and scents since I first picked up my Mum's Britney Spears Curious perfume. 
I began to wear it to school, and I so vividly remember a boy going 'ooosh!' and backing away because I had genuinely drenched myself in this perfume. I remember thinking 'oops, maybe I put too much on', hahaha, just a little bit, Laura. 
From there I delved into the world of impulse sprays, charlie sprays, any perfume cheap enough for my Mum to buy me and became obsessed with smelling good.

Obviously, I grew up and grew away from Charlie Pink and impulse (although I smelt an impulse spray the other day and it smelt amazing, can't for the life of me remember which one it was though), and started a perfume collection of my own.

I have various body sprays and mini perfumes alongside this collection, but I thought I'd stick with EDTs and EDPs for now!

YSL Black Opium - Everybody seems to be obsessed with the original Black Opium, but with a base of black coffee in it, it is definitely not my kind of thing. This one, however, is my absolute favourite scent of the moment. An interpretation of the original, including notes of green coffee and jasmine tea, with top notes of pear, it is just stunning. Because of the price of it (sob), it is solely used as my 'best' perfume, so wearing it is a treat in itself :)

The Body Shop Black Musk - This is my Black Opium sister. When this was released I was so shocked at the similarity of it, that it became my go-to perfume on the not-so best occasions (you also have a best perfume right??). It is much sweeter than the Black Opium, with notes of bambinella pear (which means small sweet pear!), it's such a gorgeous perfume.

Katy Perry Killer Queen - Of course, I have to have all of Katy's perfumes (bar the latest Mad Potion which I am not a fan of at all! Sorry KP), and this one is currently my firm favourite. Purr was my 'smell' for a long time - but when this one came out, I had to have it. It is quite a floral scent, but a deep and sexy one with notes of dark plum. Katy wanted to capture a regal essence, and she definitely got it down to a T. I partner this with my Victoria's Secret Passion Struck mist and it's the combo that I receive the most compliments for!

Victoria's Secret Night - I actually have the perfume, mist and the lotion is this scent, I love it so much. This was one of those scents that you casually just spray on your skin just to try out and then can. not. stop. smelling. it. I was also pretty lucky in the fact that when I went back to get it it was on offer. YES LIFE! It's inspired by midnight in Paris, I mean, just that sounds perfect, right? When you're next near a VS, nip in and give this a smell, it is gorgeous.

One Direction You & I - I bought this on a whim one day when I was in Boots as it was reduced to £5 (lol oh Zayn), and I honestly absolutely love it! It has top notes of mango and grapefruit, and it's worth every penny when somebody says you smell great and finds out what perfume it is. But seriously, never dismiss celeb perfumes just because of the name! I'm so happy that I chose to buy this.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine - When TBS launched their voyage perfume collection, this perfume was one that shocked me as my favourite! I'm not entirely sure why, maybe because it's orange?! Who bloody knows, but it's a beautiful, warm fruity fragrance that every time I spray I'm like 'ugh, this smells so great'.

So, after writing about these, it seems that I have a small obsession with pear and plum scents?! Who knew. I also wondered what kind of perfumes that I was into, but it appears that it's fruity! Also great to know for any future perfume buying, hey?

Tell me your favourite perfumes! And also if you have any celeb perfume favourites that you just was not expecting!

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